5 ways you can cut electricity bills

5 ways you can cut electricity bills

Do you worry about your electricity bills at home? Here are 5 super simple ways to cut your bills down considerably.

1. Save £300 when using a price comparison site.

Price comparison sites are the quickest way to find the cheapest tariff. And if you choose a fixed term contract you can save up to £300 a year.

If you are near the end of your contract you can always haggle with your current provider to see if they will beat the best price you can find online.

2. Pay by direct debit save £100.

Many utility companies offer big discounts if you pay them by direct debit. And opt to go paperless (i.e. you receive all your bill by email) to save a few more pounds.

3. Save 10% by turning down the thermostat.

Reducing your home by 1 degree (for example reducing it from 20c to 19c) will save you 10% off your annual heating bill.

4. Clingfilm your windows.

A cheap alternative to installing double-glazing is to use a double-glazing film (£6.89 for 6m2 from Wickes) to reduce heat loss. You can save up to £100 with this cheap and quick method.

5. Use energy saving bulbs and save £120 per bulb.

Lighting is one of the biggest costs in a property so ensuring that you are using the right bulbs can dramatically drop costs.

Replacing a normal bulb with an energy efficient one can knock £55 a year off bills and save £120 over the lifetime of the bulb.

And if you are not using a light in a room, switch it off! The same applies for any electrical appliance (TVs, Sky boxes etc.).

Or, Far Infrared Heating!

Aside from lighting, the biggest cost by far in any home or work place is heating. Inefficient boilers and radiators can cost households hundreds of pounds more in bills than what is really needed for their homes.

Using a more efficient form of heating, such as infrared, can have huge impacts on running times and ultimately your electricity bill.

Infrared technology converts energy much more efficiently than a standard central heating system because it utilizes radiant heat which heats the fabric of the home and not the air.

Infrared heaters require fewer watts than traditional heaters to achieve the same temperature, further boosting your savings.

Our clients can see up to 70% energy savings when compared to a traditional electrical storage heating system and 50% reductions on oil central heating systems.

Our infrared heaters are 100% safe and they emit the same sort of warmth as the sun, but there are no harmful UV rays.

In fact infrared heating has certain health benefits and is particularly beneficial to those with poor blood circulation and rheumatoid issues. Infrared heating is already used in a number of healthcare treatments, and because it does not heat the air, there are no currents moving dust or allergens around your home. This is ideal for those suffering with respiratory issues.

Here at Warm4less we offer affordable heating panels and heating bars without any compromise on quality. All our infrared heaters use the latest premium quality carbon crystal technology so don’t settle for less or possibly inferior products.

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