We aren’t just a shop selling any product, but people who actually use Far Infrared Panels (FIR) in our daily lives and know this is the best heating available today.

Our background is in property development, where we discovered how effective far infrared panels are and decided to make these wonderful products available to the wider market at low prices.


We have used FIR panels in developments across the world. They have replaced conventional heating and now we wouldn’t consider any other system. Nothing can compete with infrared heating for economy, control, and ease of installation. It just creates a more pleasant environment and with picture panels, there’s the bonus of beautiful artwork too.


We are a family run business that prides itself on customer service, treating people as individuals with their own particular requirements and going that extra mile for each of our customers. Our 100% Trustpilot reviews are a good indication that we are meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.


Making the Switch to Infrared Heating

We believe that in a few years’ time many people will look back on old-fashioned heating and wonder why they stayed with it for so long. New technology can be intimidating, however, it’s important to remember the goal of modern technology is to find solutions to past problems. Carbon crystal far infrared panels is one such solution, providing warmth for less cost.


As our background is in building developments, we have a practical understanding of housing problems and providing heat to living spaces is a big issue. Call us and we’d be pleased to run through your requirements, advising as to power requirement, positioning, ranges, controllers and the technology.


Heating is no longer an expensive addition to a development with the easy installation. For landlords, there will be a removal of maintenance costs and less damage to the property from condensation and mold.


With a Warm4less panel, you can be sure of getting the best specification on the market. We are constantly improving design on our infrared heating panels. Testing is continuous and we make sure that Warm4less heating panels comply with the world’s most exacting quality standard, German TUV (SUD).


Offering a Green Product

By using far infrared heating you will also be making a contribution to reducing global warming. Less electricity is needed to get an effective level of heat, and our panels are rated for up to 100,000 hours (approximately 40 years) of use. This means that, as they hardly fail, less carbon is being emitted in the replacement process.