Infrared Heating Calculator

Our infrared heating calculator will identify the best heaters, and how many, for your room from the dimensions given. Add as many or as few rooms as you want.

Infrared Heating Calculator

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A guide to your panels

Mirror panels

Heat a space using your mirror – our tempered glass is specially processed to increase strength and quality. Perfect for bathrooms and bedroom

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Ceiling panels

Our ceiling range has a lower wattage for the size, to minimize any heat rising and avoiding hot air build up. Plus, the mounting bracket is specially adapted for ceilings.

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Wall panels

Can be wall mounted or free standing, all our panels feature technology to minimise heat loss and increase efficiency, as well as a sleek design.

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Picture panels

Turn your heating solution into art with a sleek, frameless design and a three-layer printing process, ensuring a good quality print and a long-lasting finish.

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