Full House of Picture Heaters

Full House of Picture Heaters

In January we received an enquiry from a gentleman who was pointed in our direction by his electrician. Through a couple of phone calls, we were able to assist him in choosing the perfect system for his property!

Our client wanted to heat a converted garage which would be for multi-purpose use, but he didn’t want to have to implement unsightly radiators or obtrusive pipes.

Having had previous work done on the conversion, the electrician he’d used mentioned the idea of having heaters disguised as images which were electric powered and would heat the room through the use of Far Infrared technology. The client could hardly believe what he was being told until the electrician showed him our Custom Prints.  The client commented: “I was over-awed by the pictures and astonished by the variety of sizes and their brilliant coloring . All of which could be heated! All at a very fair price!”

Awed by the prints and their vibrancy, the client then got in touch with us directly to receive advice on what size heaters he would require and to select his images. Impressed by the competitive prices and the image quality, the customer went ahead and bought four pictures in total: Arch Reflections, Woodland Trail, Apple Tree and Bike with Flowers.

To control the heaters, we talked the client through our range of compatible controllers until we found the one perfect for his requirements. With some advice over the phone to the electrician, the heater and thermostats were up and running within a day.

After making a courtesy phone call to the customer to ensure everyone was completely happy with the heater and controller system we had set up and the electrician had installed, the client later said that “I have to thank my electrician for introducing me to Warm4less. And I also have to thank every agent of the Warm4less team who advised me and made sure everything arrived on the scheduled time.”

A few weeks later and the client is extremely happy with his new system, and even left us an incredible 5 Star review on Google.