How big are the units?

How big are the units?

The sizes vary depending on which model you go for. The heat batteries come in 4 sizes and the one you go for will depend on the size of your property and how many water outlets you have. You can refer to the product listing to find out which option would work best in your property.

See below the sizes for each size (Depth x Width x Height):

Model 70 – 575mm x 365mm x 440mm

Weight: 79kg

Model 150 – 575mm x 365mm x 640mm

Weight: 139kg

Model 210 – 575mm x 365mm x 870mm

Weight: 178kg

Model 300 – 575mm x 365mm x 1050mm

Weight: 233kg

In comparison to standard water tank heaters, Thermino heat batteries are up to 4 x smaller than the hot water cylinder they replace.