Are your heating units are taking up too much space?

Are your heating units are taking up too much space?

How frustrating is it to find your heating systems are taking up too much space?

Helping to save space in your home, Infrared heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted, or left freestanding. . This allows you to now fit furniture with far more freedom than what was available before. For example, in a bedroom, the bed can go in the best position to suit you, and you won’t have to worry about a radiator consuming space.

Our panels are a mere 2cm in thickness which means they hug the wall tightly, this is because there are no moving parts within the heater- simply a natural carbon crystal heating element.

A frequently asked question is; “do the panels have inbuilt controllers or thermostats?”

Our panels at Warm4Less do have inbuilt controllers, and in a room where we have multiple panels we can control them off one thermostat through pairing. However, even with in-built control our panels still sit closely to the wall for maximum space-saving. Our Platinum panels are regularly used with in-built smart WIFI app control so users can further maximise savings on a day to day basis, even when they are not in the property.