Ten Advantages of Infrared Heating

Ten Advantages of Infrared Heating

Ten Advantages of Infrared Heating

Have you heard of infrared heating but struggle to understand the in’s and out’s of it and why it would benefit you? Below we have broken down just a few of the advantages of far infrared heating and why it’s much better than your standard heating systems. Take a look at our top ten advantages of far infrared heating:

  1. Cheap to run

It may sound unbelievable as the name and idea alone sounds fancy, but infrared is not expensive. Our range of heaters are much less wattage than standard heating systems such as storage radiators or a wet pipe system. We will typically replace a 2KW storage heater with a 700w far infrared heater which is less than half the energy consumption. You will also find that you need to keep other systems on for longer to get the room to a comfortable temperature.

  1. Healthy form of heating

Infrared acts very similar to the heat of the sun  – minus all of the harmful UV rays. Not only is infrared better for the environment compared to convection heating, it also contains a few health benefits. Air is not circulated around a room encouraging dust particles to be inhaled. Instead, heat is focused on objects and furniture which is warmed up. The heat from infrared is very good for painful joints. It also reduces the risk of harmful mould and damp from the home

  1. Easy to install

The heaters can be installed in a few ways. Far infrared heating panels can be mounted onto the wall using four screws (just like a picture frame) and plugged in. What could be easier than that? Alternatively, you can hardwire in the heaters which is just a case of getting an electrician to bed the cables into the wall and connected to a switch – any qualified electrician can fit them! No specialists needed at all!

  1. No maintenance or servicing required

Services are not needed for our products. As the heater has no moving parts and is simply plugged in, you don’t require someone to inspect it or have annual checks like normal heating systems. Generally other systems will have a lot of moving parts, lights, noise, fans etc which are very prone to wear down and inevitably break or corrode.

  1. Quick heat up time

Far infrared heats up faster than your average heating system. This is because infrared doesn’t heat up the air to circulate around the room, it focuses its heat on nearby objects. The heat retains on the objects even when the heater is switched off. We aim to heat rooms in about 10-15 minutes meaning more cost savings!

  1. Space saving

Our infrared heaters are only 22mm in thickness meaning they save a lot of space. No wall space available? Try ceiling mounting them! They still look stylish and blend in perfectly with the rest of the room as they aren’t noticeable. They feature a matte, off-white finish to blend in as much as possible.

  1. Suitable for any application

Infrared heaters are not specialist heaters. Our panels can be used in almost every application and no project is too obscure. We have fitted heaters in houses, offices, churches, schools, village halls, shop floors, warehouses, small utility rooms and even a tortoise enclosure!

  1. Compatible with smart controllers

All of our heaters are compatible with smart home controllers. From the comfort of your own sofa, you can change the settings of your whole heating system using an easy to use app on your phone. Late home form work? Turn your heating off from the office. Unexpected visitors while you’re out shopping? Turn the heating on from the supermarket! Emergency dentist appointment and forgot to turn your heating off? Do it from the waiting room! The possibilities are endless, and it’s never been easier to save more on your heating bills.

  1. Customisable

Not only do we offer a custom printing service meaning that your heating panel can be completely your own design, we have a fully interchangeable system to suit your room layout. We have options of wall mounting, ceiling mounting, free-standing, picture panels, mirrors and more. One large panel not right for the layout of the room? Try two medium ones, still not looking right? Maybe try three smaller ones instead. Or a medium ceiling panel and a picture panel! It’s completely adjustable to suit your own preference and the number of combinations are endless.

  1. Long lasting

Our heaters use carbon crystal technology which is rated for 100,000 hours and is one of the longest lasting materials in the heating industry. Convection heating contains lots of moving parts and are prone to breaking, corroding and getting worn out. Without moving parts, it means the infrared heaters last for up to 30 years, with no issues.


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