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Do you know about Far-Infrared Saunas?

The Heath Benefits of Far-Infrared Saunas: Over our years of trading, we’ve spotted a number of our clients expressing an interest into infrared saunas and their benefits. So we thought it would be a good time to compile an article giving our opinion. Discussing what they’re like to be in, and how you can enjoy …

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Forecasters predict a big freeze this winter

According to forecasters at the Met Office, Britain may be facing one of its worst winters since 1950. The last time the UK had an icy winter was in the period 2009/10. During this time temperatures dropped to -22.3C in parts of Scotland. There was record snowfall in many parts of the country. Experts are …

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Why is far infrared good for horses?

Over the past several years far infrared is being used more and more as a pain relief not only for humans but for horses too! Studies have shown that the deep heat that you get from infrared can help with circulation as the heat penetrates the skin and goes right down to the tissue and …

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Alternatives to convection heating

What options do you have when convection based heating is not an option? In the UK, convection based heating is one of the most common ways to heat a room or space. This form of heating relies on heating air and circulating it in order to heat a room. A normal UK central heating system …

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Far infrared for removing mould in the home

Mould in the home is a serious health risk. Spores form on walls and ceilings mostly in the corner of rooms where there is poor airflow. This enters the air which people then breathe in. This can lead to chest infections and allergic reactions. And even worse medical conditions, to the extent of life-threatening illness. …

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The Beast From The East!

Combat The Beast From The East! Don’t you find it frustrating having beautiful views outside of the wintery snowfall, but having to watch from a window because your conservatory is just too cold to sit in? At warm4less we know conservatories can be expensive and so we want you to get the most out of …

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How Does Lot 20 Affect You?

As of 1st January 2018, there has been one of the most significant shakeups in EU legislation. Particularly to do with electric space heaters. Electric space heaters must now be controlled by an internal or external controller to allow for more efficiency. Also known as Lot 20. The EU commission has noticed that over the …

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Swineshead Christmas Fair

On Friday 11th December, Warm4Less raised funds for the local charity, Centrepoint Outreach, at the Swinshead Christmas Fair. Centrepoint Outreach work to help the homeless and most vulnerable in our community. We have put our (hopefully not dubious) baking skills to the test and provided muffins and chocolate cakes to sell. Together, we sold nearly …

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