Far Infrared versus Mid Infrared Heating

Far Infrared versus Mid Infrared Heating

What’s the difference?

Many people have been asking us, ‘why go for Far-Infrared?’ and ‘are infrared heaters the ones with the red glowing tube on the inside?’.

There are three different types of Infrared Heating:

Near Infrared

often found in hospitals for medicinal practices. Operates at a very high temperature and offers a bright glowing light. In the region of 1200 degrees.


the one you’ve probably come across before, especially found above patio and outdoor areas. Gives off that familiar orange glow and has a grilled front to protect anyone from touching it. Can be around 300 degrees.


Designed for domestic/commercial use, operates at approximately 90 degrees, and has no visible light given, protecting eyesight. It also gives off a large, gentle spread of heat known as ‘comfort heat’.

Think of Far-Infrared as the LED equivalent of heating. Cheaper to run, cleaner, longer lifespan and easy to install.

Mid-infrared has been around a long time, and is what people generally think of when talking about infrared heating. That is now changing, however, with Far-Infrared becoming a front-runner in energy efficient, cost-friendly and effective heating.

There isn’t the worry of any maintenance or annual surveys, and if it’s a heat which you’re going to be exposed to for many hours of the day, you want to ensure it’s healthy for you and your body.

There are numerous reports about Mid-infrared damaging eye sight and causing burns from accidently touching the product. The deep, penetrative effects of Near and Mid-infrared in the short term are beneficial, but over time leads to headaches and dry-skin.

As Mid-infrared heating is commonly available on the market, many products use cheap materials and as they’re high-powered, this leads to frequent breakdowns and an energy efficiency rating of 80%.

Far-infrared however requires substantially less wattage in order to run, and is 98.5% energy efficient. This doubled up with Warm4less’ German standard rating, puts our heating at the forefront of energy efficiency and allows the opportunity to link it up to solar panels too!

In summary, humans are designed to take on infrared rays, which the sun produces. This means more rays are naturally absorbed by the body when using Far-Infrared over any other type of heater, and explains why more homes, healthcare homes and saunas are making the switch.

If you have rooms to heat, and want to know how many watts you require, or want to know about further benefits Far-Infrared offers; call 0300 303 9625 now!

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