Positioning Your Panels

Positioning Your Panels

It will really pay you to take a bit of time to consider the best place to position your infrared panels, as they are transmitting heat directly to you and so need to be placed where their heat can most easily reach you.

There are three ways you can position your panels:

  • On the ceiling.
  • On the walls, indeed the preferred location for picture infrared panels.
  • Or freestanding on the floor with a stand.

Choosing where to position your infrared heating panels will require you to analyse your daily habits in your living environment. Where do you spend the most time? Where do you typically sit? And if you are using thermostat timers, which we recommend, what time of the day do you occupy these areas?

For example, in your living room, you may spend quite a few hours sitting on the sofa watching television. It’s therefore more economical that the infrared heating panel(s) are positioned on the wall where they can transmit directly to you on the sofa. They should ideally be in front of you, not on the wall directly behind your head. Often, 2 panels are better in a living room to cover the typical seating position of at least 2 occupants and to best cover the area.

In the bedroom, it’s better to place a panel on the wall opposite your bed, or to the side, rather than immediately behind your head. This will allow the infrared heat to disperse across your whole bed and gently warm you.

The panels surface heat to about 90 degrees only, they won’t burn skin unless it’s left in direct contact for a sustained period.

Remember, our calculations aim to heat the room as a whole. The main thing to ensure you’ve got correct is the wattage for that particular size room. From here, there should be enough power to heat your whole room, not just directly in front of the heater. The suggestions above are to help the heat disperse around the room better meaning a much quicker heat up period.

The infrared heaters usually take around 10-15 minutes to fully heat a room that has the correct wattage, for those first 10-15 minutes, the positioning of your heat is the most important.

TIP: the infrared panels are lightweight and highly portable. They are ideal for moving from place to place. And when you move to a new house – take them with you!