Infrared Glossary

Infrared Glossary

Per KWh – KWh stands for kilowatt-hour. Per kilowatt-hour means the amount you pay for 1KW of electricity for one hour. This averages between 17-30p and is based on your energy provider and varies between companies.

Volumetric Calculation – A volumetric calculation is what is used to work out what wattage is required for that area. So we take the room dimensions and times that by a nominal factor which works out the heaters needed.

Wattage – the wattage is amount of power a heater uses. The higher the wattage is, the more powerful the heater. This can also determine the running costs of the heater. For example, a small 200w panel can heat a small cloakroom and will usually cost around 5p an hour to run. The 1200w panel can heat a living room and will use around 30p an hour to run. The larger the room, the more wattage is needed.

Custom Print – A custom print is a panel with a personalised image printed onto the heater as opposed to a stock image which is one of the images that we hold stock on.

Doesn’t heat the air – when we say that infrared doesn’t heat the air, we mean that it passes through the air and heats upon contact. This is very effective for many different reasons. One being the heat isn’t lost through open windows and doors. It doesn’t rise up to the ceiling and it means that the panels can be much lower in wattage.

App control – App control is a feature that a lot of our controllers offer and means that you can control your infrared heating system from an app on your android, windows 10 or apple device.

Convection – convection heat is the most common form of heating. It is when the cold air is taken in, heated up and then released back out again.

German TUV – German TUV is an electrical certification given to products in a lot of different categories. The certification is given to demonstrate quality, safety and sustainability of the product.

Receiver – A receiver is used as a part of a controller set up. It is the wired in device that wirelessly connects to your controller and allows you to save on wiring.

Thermal Store – Thermal store is the phrase used when we talk about the room retaining heat. When infrared is used over a period of time, the room will begin to store the infrared and you will find that rooms start to warm up quicker, the walls will dry out and the infrared is more effective.

Radiation/Radiant heat – Radiation is the emission of energy as waves or particles.

Ceiling Fixing Kits – the ceiling fixing kit is a system that allows you to safely and securely fix your panel onto the ceiling.

Fully Hardwired – To fully hardwired in a heater, you would get a qualified electrical to completely conceal any cabling from the heater, usually into a controller. This is great for a clean look.

Manufacturers refurbished – Manufacturer refurbished products are products that had a defect and they were repaired to be resold. Since they are not brand new, they’re sold at a discounted price

Efficiency percentage – the efficiency percentage of a heater is the amount of wattage that is being used to produce heat. For example, a convection heater is usually anywhere between 30-50% efficient. So out of the 2-3KW you are using, only 30 – 50% of that is heat. With our infrared heaters they are 98% efficient, so only 2% is being used for something other than heating.