Are infrared panels very hot?

Are infrared panels very hot?

As with any heater, Far Infrared panels have a surface temperature. However, due to the build quality of these heaters, the insulation ensures that the surface temperature of the panels reaches no higher than 70 – 90°C at the most.

If you were to place your hand against the front of the panel, you would find that it is warm, but the temperature is nowhere near high enough to break the skin or cause injury. 

Because of this, we are able to supply panels that can be wall mounted as they are safe to be mounted at a height where people are within reach of them. 

With products such as our bar heaters, the surface temperatures are higher as these are much more powerful heaters than the panels and are what we recommend for large or hard-to-heat areas. The surface temperature on these bar heaters is 350°C, which is why we always recommend mounting these heaters no lower than 2.4m high to reduce any possibility of someone coming into contact with the heaters. 

In almost all domestic applications, we will recommend panel heaters as there is usually no need for a heater as large as our bar heaters, unless in a conservatory.

Other forms of electric heating such as mid infrared heating (found on the opposite end of the Infrared Spectrum to FIR), emit a red glowing light and often reach temperatures of around 1000°C which can very easily burn you.

Our panels go through rigorous testing to ensure that they are completely safe to use within your home. An important test we carry out with each heater is constantly monitoring the surface temperature. This is to ensure that the surface temperature of our panels reach no higher than 90°C unlike the mid infrared mentioned above.

The reason we do this is twofold: A) it means your panel will last much longer as the heating elements are not getting to a temperature where they are at risk of burning out. B) this also ensures that the panels are safe to install into your property.

By ensuring the temperatures are as low as possible, this eliminates the possibility of anyone harming themselves on the panels. They are completely safe to touch and would just be uncomfortable rather than damaging to your skin, like any other radiator would be!

The more powerful heaters we offer are designed to be mounted higher up out of reach on the walls or ceilings further reducing the chance of people hurting themselves. 

Our ceiling panels are built slightly differently to the wall panels to ensure they have an even lower surface temperature. This is to prevent the rising heat from becoming too hot and stops it causing any issues. Our ceiling kit also allows for a good air gap between the back of the heater and the ceiling to allow any inevitable latent heat to escape.

Every single heater we offer has an overheat protection system. If your panel does in any way happen to have an issue, it will never get to a temperature that could be dangerous. If it were to overheat for any reason, once the panel gets up to a certain temperature, the heater would shut down before becoming hazardous.