Platinum v. Eco Infrared Panels: What is the difference?

Platinum v. Eco Infrared Panels: What is the difference?

You may have noticed we offer two white panel ranges, the Eco and the Platinum. In this article we break down the differences between both of those ranges.

To get a good understanding of the differences, we first need to break down the terminology that we use in the description of the product. You’ll also find these phrases through all of the ranges listed on our website.

Hours usage:

The hours usage on a product means how long it is rated to last for. This is based on hours rather than years as we know people use panels at different frequencies for different time periods. For example at 100,000 hours, this can be up to 50 years if the panel is used a few hours a day for around half the year. Alternatively, this would be around 30 years if the heater was used up to 7 hours a day for most of the year. Carbon crystal is currently the most efficient and state-of-the-art technology for creating Far Infrared heating, currently available on the market. It exceeds the lifespan of almost all other forms of heating.

Back Temperature:

Some may think that the back temperature of a heater isn’t that important. But actually, it can make a huge difference.

If we take a 700w heater, as an example, and we remove any insulation to the back, it means the back temperature and front temperature are exactly the same. So only 350w worth of heat will be working to heat the room, and 350w will be working to heat the wall behind. The is not ideal for a few reasons. One being that a lot of heat is lost that should be contributing to the room temperature, and two, it could potentially damage the wall behind it.

However, our Platinum heaters utilise a unique, market-leading tri-core rear insulation. This ensures our back temperatures will never exceed 8 degrees Celsius.


The warranty refers to how long the heater is covered for any electrical issue. Whilst under warranty, should something go wrong with a heater, the unit would be covered for either repair or a replacement depending on the circumstances.

Between each range, the technology and ranges differ slightly. To make things super easy, below is a breakdown of each range for reference.


75,000 hours usage
3 Year warranty
10mm white frame
Glossy white finish
27°c back temperature


100,000 hours usage
5 Year warranty
Borderless contoured edge
Matte powder coated finish
7-8°c back temperature