How Far Infrared Promotes A Healthier Environment

How Far Infrared Promotes A Healthier Environment

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have seen a huge increase in orders where customers are more interested in the health benefits of Far Infrared heating, compared to the running costs.

This is largely due to the fact that FIR technology is widely renowned within the medical industry as a hygienic, anti-bacterial method of heating a space. In addition to this, the World Health Organisation (WHO) have also published a number of articles and reports regarding the positive effects of Far Infrared on the body.

Benefits of Far Infrared:

Reduces pathogens in the air – The heat from Far Infrared panels is acknowledged as being able to reduce the number of bacteria and germs in an area by making it an inhospitable place. Essentially, any molecule with single-strand DNA, like many viruses which cause common colds, flus and sickness bugs, cannot withstand the frequency of the Infrared rays and “cook” to death. (It is widely believed, and evidenced, that the Far Infrared in the Sun’s rays helped to irradicate Spanish Flu in the 1920’s through prolonged exposure to the sunlight which is why it died away during summer).

Respiratory System – Unlike convection heat, Far Infrared does not circulate dust and bacteria in the air. This means it reduces the amount of pollutants we breathe in as the air will be cleaner in a space heated via FIR heaters.

Promotes Blood Flow – Far infrared helps to promote blood circulation which reduces strain on the cardiovascular muscles.

Below is a news article which we posted a few years ago which outlines in detail the science behind the health benefits of FIR heating.

Research suggest that viruses struggles to maintain in the body when exposed to higher temperatures.

Overall, getting your health and immune system into good shape is the best way to fight off a virus. And Far Infrared can help you achieve this goal.