How Far Infrared Promotes A Healthier Environment

How Far Infrared Promotes A Healthier Environment

In light of the current worldwide health issues, we have seen a massive increase in orders over the past few days and we wanted to make all of readers aware that stock is selling FAST. This is primarily due to the health benefits of far infrared heating.

Benefits of infrared:

Reduces pathogens in the air – The heat from far infrared panels make it an inhospitable place for pathogens.

Respiratory System – Unlike convection heat, far infrared does not circulate dust and bacteria in the air.

Promotes Blood Flow – Far infrared helps to promote blood circulation which reduces strain on the cardiovascular muscles.

Below is a news article which we posted a few years ago which outlines in detail the science behind the health benefits of FIR heating.

We have been trying to keep as up to date as possible on the current ongoing events and have found a few measures that can reduce health risks.

Research suggest that viruses struggles to maintain in the body when exposed to higher temperatures. Below are some news articles explaining the science behind fighting off viruses with increased temperatures.

The first article has taken various different statistics surrounding the virus and advised on some measures on controlling it.

1. Put on more clothes to make body really warm
2. Maintain room temperature at least 23C,
3. Do exercise for 30 minutes daily, make sure you really sweat.

This second article describes a ‘device that has been in development to create a sterilized environment by using UV lights that heat up to temperatures high enough to kill any pathogens in the air.

UV lights may be useful to sterilize environments, but it is harmful to other things. Exposure to UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin and signs of sun damage such as wrinkles, UV rays can also cause eye problems.

Far infrared heaters offer a long list of health benefits, as well as being able to get the body to a higher temperature to fight off infections.

The last article explains that as with most viral infections, such as influenza, the number of cases are significantly lowered when the weather gets warmer, suggesting that higher temperatures are hostile for viral infections.

Overall, getting your health and immune system into good shape is the best way to fight off a virus. And Infrared can help you achieve this goal.