Donating Panels to Charities and Animal Sanctuaries

Donating Panels to Charities and Animal Sanctuaries

At Warm4Less, we are an office of animal lovers. Almost every member of our staff have pets, ranging from cats and dogs, to tortoises and bearded dragons! Because of this, animal shelters and the incredible work they do is a cause very close to our hearts.

Where possible, we try to support our local rescues and sanctuaries to help keep their visitors warm, and their energy costs low. This allows for more of their funds to go to the animals in their care, rather than the bills.

It is vital that animals, especially ones in rehabilitation, are kept warm as this can play a massive part in the success of their recovery.¬†Unlike a traditional convection system, Far Infrared can heat an area much more effectively and efficiently in a shorter amount of time, whilst also assisting in the animal’s recovery.

Many Veterinary journals credit the effects of Far Infrared on small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents. During surgery or medical procedures, anesthetised small animals can struggle to regulate their body temperatures. Because FIR targets thermal mass rather than air temperature, it can directly raise an animal’s body temperature quickly without having to heat an entire area first.

Far Infrared technology is also proven to have a number of health benefits for animals including helping to regulate body temperatures and metabolism, as well as promoting healthy blood circulation, and aiding with arthritic and muscle pain.

To assist our local sanctuaries and rescues, we donate damaged-in-transit heaters to those who are struggling with inadequate and costly heating systems. This means they can free up more of their limited funds to give those in their care the best experience and second chance possible. This also helps us achieve our sustainability goals as these panels are given a second-lease of life, rather than being broken down.

These heaters may have artwork on them, but we don’t think the animals will mind!

If you are part of a local animal sanctuary or rescue, please contact us to see how we can help!