Installation Guide: Fixing to the Ceiling

Installation Guide: Fixing to the Ceiling

Installation Instructions:

Fixing to the ceiling

Panels that are fixed to the ceiling must use the ceiling kit that is provided in the box with the heater. Our dedicated ceiling range of heaters will come with a ceiling kit included in the box as standard, all other ranges will come with the standard wall fixings. The ceiling kit allows a much more secure fixing than the wall kit when ceiling mounting.

The kit that comes included in the box with the heater allows as flush a finish to the ceiling as possible while still leaving a safe air gap from the back of the heater to the ceiling. This helps to avoid any unwanted heat build-up and will ensure your infrared heater will last as long as possible. We also offer our suspension kit (in the accessories section) which will allow the heater to be suspended down from the ceiling by up to 1 metre. This is great for high ceiling properties where surface mounting isn’t an option.

Heaters mounted to the ceiling without using one of our dedicated ceiling kits will void the warranty of the heater.

If you’re unsure as to what surface the panel is being installed on, you must consult us prior to fixing the heating panel to ensure a safe fixing.

If there is anything you or your electrician is unsure, please consult the relevant professional body for advice and expertise when wiring in the heaters.