How To Control Your Panels

How To Control Your Panels

So now you’ve chosen the best places in your home to position your panels, the next step is to consider automating its function. It’s a lot easier to leave the operation of the panels set to timers/thermostats rather than having to remember to switch them on and off.

Our controller options fall into three main categories: Inbuilt, plug in and hardwired. All of these options will allow you to pre-set when you want your heaters to turn on and what temperature you would like your room to be at.

The simplest option is to look at a range that already has a controller inbuilt into the unit. This includes some of our picture panels, the Eco range with inbuilt control and our Platinum WiFi range.

The Eco range comes with a portable, battery powered remote control included in the box with your heater so you can pre-programme your heater as well as use it on an ad hoc basis using the remote.

The WiFi range works in the same way, but uses an app on your phone rather than a battery powered remote.

Plug In
The plug in controllers work by plugging the controller into the wall, and then plugging your heater into the front of the controller. We have the option for time, temperature and then a dual time/temp option as well. This is great for those ranges that don’t have an inbuilt controller such as the mirrors and glass, and you’re just looking to plug the heater in rather than wire it in.

The hardwired controllers we offer need to be installed by a fully qualified electrician and allows a clean finish to conceal all the cables. While the panels with inbuilt control allows the option for plug in or hardwired, some of the hardwired controllers allow more flexibility. It also means that you will have a fixed controller on the wall as opposed to only be able to control your heaters from an app or a portable remote.

If you’re unsure about which controller option would work best for your project, get in touch with us on 0300 303 9625 or email us on