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What Size Panel Do I Need?

Calculate the room size:

In meters - Length x Width x Height x 30 to get wattage needed

In feet: L x W x H x 0.8 to get estimated wattage.

Deduct 20% for modern well-insulated buildings. Add 20% more for very old, damp or draughty areas and plus 33% for conservatories. Look to have more than one panel if the room is irregularly shaped, and downstairs tends to use more than upstairs.

What About Delivery?

Postage is FAST and FREE, to the British mainland. Sent by TNT express courier. For Scottish Islands, Channel Isles, and all other countries - please contact us before ordering for the best price quote on 3+, 5+ and 7+ days delivery timescale.

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External Temperature Sensor


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1200 Watt Platinum White


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NeoAir Receiver


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350 Watt White Panel


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Textured Blue 1200 W


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1.8kw Delta Bar Heater W/ Cont


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3200 Watts Alpha Bar heater


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700 W Mirror Panel


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Yellow and grey 1200 W


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NeoStat E - Silver


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Tree of Life 600 W


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Klimt Adel Bauer 320 W


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600 Watt Platinum White - Manu


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Sun Birds 960 W


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3.2kw Delta Bar Heater W/ Cont


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Perfect Service. Perfect Product.

Saw their 2.4kW bar heater at Ecobuild. The looks of it are perfect even though it's used in a garage. Purchased on the spot and delivered to me two days later. Perfect service with no problems. Easy to install and very flexible to use with multiple... read more

Gavin Mackenzie

Top Class Customer Support

Really love our heating panels. We have a large one ceiling mounted above the treatment couch in our complimentary therapy clinic, and a smaller picture heater in the waiting area. All our clients love the heat generated, and it gives the clinic an e... read more

Beach Tree Clinic - Jean Senior

Brilliant and Well Beyond Expectations

Trying Warm4less Far IR Heating was the best decision I have made for ages. We are currently renting a property. Its heating system is over 50 years old and terrible. I also have an outside office building that I heat with a 3kw fan convector. I want... read more

Andrew (Dorset)

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