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Large office building

I cannot believe how well this product works. To give a bit of a back story - We have a large office building with several rooms with infrared panels. We have 1-2 panels in each room except for the larger areas which can have up to 10 units. We wanted a system that could be controlled within the room so the people occupying it can control it but also in the main office room where we can keep an eye on the heating levels in all the rooms. We have a Neostat E in each room as we were undergoing a full renovation on the property and so went for fully hardwired controllers. The electrician finished the job quickly and we managed to connect all of the controllers to this touchpad. I also have access to the whole buildings heating on my phone which is great to check after work to ensure we keep our bills down. We went from spending thousands on heating each year but with the combination of the low wattage panels and being able to micro manage the system it has gone down significantly - more than half!! we aren't wasting money on heating rooms that don't have people in them and we don't have people getting to warm and opening windows because the controllers are so easy to use. I recommend this controller to everyone that comes into the building and a few of our workers have looked at the system for their own homes. absolutely 10/10. I can't thank Warm4less enough for the money we have saved. Thank you!!

Jonathan Halliday (Rating: 5)

Touch Pad Controller


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This TouchPad features a TFT colour touch screen. It gives you central control of up to 32 zones. Each thermostat connected to the TouchPad can have its own individual name allowing you to easily identify each thermostat on the TouchPad.

You can remotely program the comfort levels of each zone from one central point and copy programming from one thermostat to the other.


Display: Colour Touch Screen (4.3" TFT)
Dimensions: 130x86x18mm
Max Zones: 32
Title: Give each zone a unique name
Profile Function: Profiles are a stored set of comfort levels that can be sent to a group of zones when required. The profile function is ideal for those with changing shift patterns.
USB Function: For History Export and Firmware Update
Home / Away Function: Switch your system into setback mode or normal "Home" mode at the touch of a button
Temperature Hold: Use this function to hold a desired temperature for a fixed period. Ideal for unexpected activities.
Holiday: Use the holiday function to put the heating in to frost mode whilst you are away.
Quick View: See at a glance the current thermostat status throughout your building
Time sync: Synchronises all of the thermostat clocks on the network
Auto GMT: Automatically corrects the time for Summer / Winter time
History: View the Hours Run for the past 4 weeks or the temperature graph for the previous 24 hours
Master Time-clock: Select which thermostats you want to work from the built in time-clock
Key Lock: Lock each thermostat to prevent unauthorised tampering of the thermostat setting
Password Protect: When enabled, the user must enter a pass code in order to program the network thermostats
Temperature Format: Choose between C / F mode
Frost Setting: Program the frost temperature for each thermostat

Wire in all of your Neoair or Neostat E controllers, wirelessly connect them to your Neohub which is wired to your WIFI router. Your Neohub then wirelessly connects to this touchpad controller. The touchpad controller will not work without a connection to the Neohub.

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