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Powerful and good quality

Provides an amazing amount of heat and received excellent customer service. Very happy with my purchase.

Oscar Barke (Rating: 5)

Village Hall Cold Spot Heating

We're very satisfied of our purchase of this space heater. It was purchased for the lounge area (new) of our village hall which despite the improved insulation remained a cold spot and we were looking for a cost-effective heating source which didn't involve too much disruption or installation. I'm reviewing after approximately one weeks feedback from people/groups hiring the hall and so far we've had good feedback. We must thank Warm4less for their patience and advice and we have recommended the product and your services to people who have hired the hall.

Cllr. Leonard Jones (Rating: 5)

Decent product.

Wasn't clear on how best to control the heater as there is no inbuilt controller/device so had to add a separate controller but did get pointed in the right direction. Delivery was fast and arrived safely will add more feedback later once i've had the chance to use it more.

Tim Baldock (Rating: 4)

2400 Watts Delta Bar Heater


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Our Delta range of multi purpose bar heaters incorporate powerful and effective infrared heating for a low cost. Featuring an anodized aluminium alloy housing, they can be wall or ceiling mounted for use in a range of different applications. Particularly ideal for garages, conservatories, shops and other hard to heat locations.

Product Specification:

  • Ceiling and wall mounting
  • Highly efficient far infrared heating
  • Anodised aluminium alloy housing
  • High performance reflector
  • 2400 watts
  • Dimensions: 1500mm X 160mm X 60mm
  • 2400w / 230v / 10.43amp

Key Points on Infrared Heating

- Heats what you want directly.
- No maintenance and a 2-year warranty.
- High electrical conversation efficiency of 98%
- Non-disruptive installation
- Does not take up valuable space
- No noise or light emitted
- Fully portable.

Although these heaters are great at their job, they can get very hot. We do not advise tucking or coiling the cables behind, in front or beside the heater itself. For installation we suggest either cutting the cable down to the desired length and ensuring that no excess is touching the heater or using a distanced plug socket. If you would like some more advice on installation, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Please provide cover installing outside

Please note that the watermark is purely for image protection and is not printed on the panel.

What our customers say about us

Perfect Service. Perfect Product.

Saw their 2.4kW bar heater at Ecobuild. The looks of it are perfect even though it's used in a garage. Purchased on the spot and delivered to me two days later. Perfect service with no problems. Easy to install and very flexible to use with multiple... read more

Gavin Mackenzie

Top Class Customer Support

Really love our heating panels. We have a large one ceiling mounted above the treatment couch in our complimentary therapy clinic, and a smaller picture heater in the waiting area. All our clients love the heat generated, and it gives the clinic an e... read more

Beach Tree Clinic - Jean Senior

Brilliant and Well Beyond Expectations

Trying Warm4less Far IR Heating was the best decision I have made for ages. We are currently renting a property. Its heating system is over 50 years old and terrible. I also have an outside office building that I heat with a 3kw fan convector. I want... read more

Andrew (Dorset)

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