900 Watt Bespoke Print

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900 Watts
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The Warm4less custom printing service is probably the most comprehensive on the market. You can fully disguise your heating system with artwork, decor matching colour, or photographs of your choice.

We have a lot of experience in printing bespoke heating panels. Starting in 2014, we have constantly improved the process and materials we use with the goal of offering the very best service and quality finish.

Our unique four layer printing process creates a richer, denser finish with anti-UV properties to resist fading and sunlight. We use the most expensive thermal inks which replicate even the most challenging images fantastically well and is scratch proof too.

This sized heater is ideal for a large signature piece for larger areas in the home, such as the living room, kitchen/dining area or master bedroom. We’re big fans of abstract paintings as they make a bold statement in a room, but even with a wide combination of colours can tie in well with most decors.

Size: 750mm x 1200mm x 22mm
Power: 900w
Weight: 11.5kg
Surface temperature: 70-95c
Electrical conversion rating: 98%
Heating material: Carbon crystal
Life expectancy: 100,000 hours
Front surface materials: Aluminium to avoid discolouration along with a powder-coated finish.
Ingress protection rating: IP54 (excluding plug) for dust and splash resistance.
Frame: Contoured edges for a frameless finish.
Overheat protection: Features Inner temperature safety sensors.
Default cable length: 2m.
Wave length: 8-15μ

Key points on infrared heating:

- Heats what you want directly.
- No maintenance and a 1-year warranty.
- High electrical conversation efficiency of 98%
- Non-disruptive installation
- Does not take up valuable space
- No noise or light emitted
- Fully portable.

Please note custom print images take around 1-2 weeks to process.