580 W White Glass

580 Watts


Beautiful addition to any home or commercial space, this frameless sleek panel fits neatly into bathrooms, bedrooms and other spaces; adding a touch of luxury, affordably.

The tempered glass is processed by controlling thermal treatments to increase its strength to ensure that the glass is to a good standard, meaning the best finish possible. When buying glass heating products, it’s vital to choose the quality that this glass panel provides. We’ve paid extra attention to detail to give a touch of class to your home or workplace.


Size: 600mm x 1000mm x 12mm thickness
Power: 580w
Weight: 13KG
Heating material: Carbon crystal
Wave length: 8-15μ
Surface temperature: 80-95℃
Front surface Material: Toughened and tempered coloured Glass
Electric conversion efficiency: 98%
Life expectancy: 75,000 hours
Overheat protection: Features Inner temperature safety sensors.
High quality toughened white glass
Frame: Frameless
Ingress Protection ration: IP54 (splash resistant)
Over heat protection: Yes
Default cable length: 2m.

Key points on infrared heating:

- Heats what you want directly.
- No maintenance and a 3-year warranty.
- High electrical conversation efficiency of 98%
- Non-disruptive installation
- Does not take up valuable space
- No noise or light emitted
- Fully portable.