450 Watt Platinum - Ceiling

450 Watts


With the same look as our platinum range of wall panels, this heater is specifically designed to be ceiling mounted to allow for an even more discreet heating system.

This panel features an off-white, powder coated, matte finish to allow it to blend into the room seamlessly. It has a fibre glass, aluminium foil insulation and an internal insulation board to minimise heat loss to the back. With both of these elements combined we’ve managed to achieve a low back temperature.

The main difference in our ceiling range of panels are the sizes. Our ceiling range has a lower wattage for it's size to minimize any heat rising and creating hot air build ups.

Size: 600mm x 1000mm x 22mm
Power: 450w
Weight: 7.5kg
Surface temperature: 70-80°c
Electrical conversion rating: 98%
Life expectancy: 100,000 hours
Front surface materials: Aluminium to avoid discolouration along with a powder-coated finish.
Ingress protection rating: IP54 (excluding plug) for dust and splash resistance.
Frame: Contoured edges for a frameless finish.
Overheat protection: Features Inner temperature safety sensors.
Default cable length: 2m.
Wave length: 8-15μ
Heating material: Carbon crystal

Key points on infrared heating:

- Heats what you want directly.
- No maintenance and a 5-year warranty.
- High electrical conversation efficiency of 98%
- Non-disruptive installation
- Does not take up valuable space
- No noise or light emitted
- Fully portable.

Special ceiling fixings are provided with the ceiling range of panels. Additional ceiling kits can be bought in our accessory section found here

Please note that the watermark is purely for image protection and is not printed on the panel.