270 Watt White Panel

RRP £149119
270 Watts


Our most popular and high-quality panel, that provides an economical heating solution for your home or workplace.

Affordable and effective. Our entry level range has a combination of the latest carbon crystal technology as well as a minimal design with a 2mm white aluminium frame. It features an insulated back to minimise heat loss as well as an aluminium fronting to stop any discolouration.

Size: 595mm x 595mm x 22mm
Power: 270w
Weight: 5kg
Surface temperature: 70-95c
Electrical conversion rating: 98%
Life expectancy: 75,000 hours
Front surface materials: Aluminium sheet which resists discolouration.
Frame Type: White aluminium.
Ingress protection rating: IP54 (excluding plug) for dust and splash resistance.
Overheat protection: Features Inner temperature safety sensors.
Default cable length: 2m.
Wave length: 8-15μ
Heating material: Carbon crystal

Key points on infrared heating:

- Heats what you want directly.
- No maintenance and a 3-year warranty.
- High electrical conversation efficiency of 98%
- Non-disruptive installation
- Does not take up valuable space
- No noise or light emitted
- Fully portable.

Please note that the watermark is purely for image protection and is not printed on the panel.