Will Britain get a white Christmas this year?

Will Britain get a white Christmas this year?

Despite still being in Autumn, experts are predicting the UK will have its harshest winter as ocean temperatures drop.

Although October is not yet over, forecasters have issued early warnings for the UK to expect freezing temperatures. This will result in possible blizzards.

Some forecasters are predicting a possible “36 days of snow” as a powerful El Nino. This means a drop in air pressure over the Arctic which threatens the UK with dismal weather.

Bookies are slashing odds on the UK having the coldest winter for 5 years and even having a white Christmas. Elsewhere, some reports have mentioned the price of used 4x4s has increased 17.6% since August as people prepare for a possible rough winter.

A drop in North Atlantic temperatures is likely to have a negative impact on British weather. The stretch of ocean is at its coldest since records began in 1935. It is expected to make our usually mild westerly winds even colder.

Of course, no weather prediction is set in stone and meteorologists are notorious for getting their predictions wrong. The Met Office has not yet issued a formal winter weather forecast, however, have warned of “spells of windy or stormy weather are more likely than usual”. This is expected between September and December.