Why is far infrared good for horses?

Why is far infrared good for horses?

Over the past several years far infrared is being used more and more as a pain relief not only for humans but for horses too!

Studies have shown that the deep heat that you get from infrared can help with circulation as the heat penetrates the skin and goes right down to the tissue and into the blood cells. Infrared is also considered to be a very soothing and calming type of heat for muscles and joints.

FAR infrared can reduce pain, stiffness, and fatigue to help with the overall condition and performance of your horse!

You may think that because IR is a natural pain relief that there is no way it can be as affective as manmade drugs? Wrong. Most pain relief drugs are made to numb the pain rather than heal the pain. IR HEALS the pain rather than DEADENS it.

Lactic acid build up is one of the major causes of stiff muscles. IR can help shorten your horse’s recovery time and prevent further injuries.

Everyone knows that bad circulation can be the cause of a lot of problems. Good circulation means:

  • Faster healing time
  • Natural Pain relief
  • Promotes Cell growth
  • Reliefs aching and sore muscles
  • Completely Natural
  • No synthetic drugs
  • Prevents recurring problems

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