The New ‘Cool4Less’ Evaporative Air Cooler Range

The New ‘Cool4Less’ Evaporative Air Cooler Range

Our brand new evaporative air coolers create an ideal environment when the weather gets uncomfortably warm.

When hot weather hits, it can be difficult to get away from the stuffy heat and have clean, fresh and cool air . With our new air coolers, they not only cool the air down, but also clean it too. As a result, this creates a healthy environment even in 30°C+ heat.

How it works:

Like standing next to a waterfall to feel cool and relaxed even on a hot day.

The filter draws up moisture from the water tank and the warm/dirty air is drawn in. Then it is chilled and cleaned before returning to the home or workspace. This process excels because a fan pulls hot air into the unit, sending it through a series of pads that helps evaporate the liquid which then blows out cooler and cleaner air.

Enjoy clean, ionised air quality evenly distributed in your home or at work.


Very low power consumption: Our largest unit which can cool 7500m3 of air per hour, consumes only 200w, meaning that you’ll only be paying around 2p an hour to clean and cool your home/workspace!

No installation required: Unlike usual air-cooling units, ours require no pipes or drilling at all, so simply position the cooler where required and plug it in. Easy!

Minimal maintenance: On the air coolers, all you need to do to maintain them is clean the coolant pad every 3-4 years depending on your usage, no gas refills required.

Completely mobile and easy to move: Featuring robust wheels with break stoppers, our units are fully portable unlike other air conditioning units.

Remote control: All of the units come with a remote control to control the cooler from anywhere in the room without having to physically go to the unit to change the settings or turn it off!


– Variable swing mode both up and down

– Three different outputs, low, medium and high.

– Timer function

– Low noise

– Ionisation mode

– Variable speed

We offer three different size coolers for every application:

  1. CoolMax ‘home
  2. CoolMax ‘Outdoor/Business’ Air Cooler
  3. CoolMax ‘Commercial’ Air Cooler

The best and most economical way to cool and improve your living environment