How Can ‘Zonal’ Heating Save You Money?

How Can ‘Zonal’ Heating Save You Money?

What Do We Mean By ‘Zonal Heating’?

A central heating system like gas and air-source normally has one controller for the whole property.

When we recommend a Far Infrared heating system, we typically have between 6 to 9 controllers per property.

How Can This Save Me Money?

Do you ever find that some rooms warm easily, and others are barely reaching a comfortable temperature?

Only having one controller means all rooms are dependent on one temperature reading and time setting.

With infrared, we can have each room at its own temperature, scheduled for preferred times.

Bedrooms can be pre-programmed for night-time and early-risers. Those working from home can preferentially heat their study. Arriving home early? Adjust it all from the SmartLife App!

How Else Can IR Heating Save Me Money?

It is important to consider exactly how an infrared heating system works compared to a gas or air source heating system.

We micromanage infrared panels because they warm up quickly and are independent of one another.

Our Smart WIFI Platinum panels can be linked too.

Have 2 panels in 1 room? They can be linked to one temperature reader.

Internet is unreliable in your area? Every panel has in-built memory function to ensure you’re never without heat.

Want some more information on controlling your heating system? Get in touch and one of our friendly staff can advise you!

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