Infrared Technology

Once you’ve used infrared heating panels for a while, you’ll wish you discovered them earlier. They are just so much better than old-fashioned heating methods. Infrared heating panels make much more efficient use of the electricity they use. Far infrared heats you. Not the air.

And the warmth feels great, as this client discovered:

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Why Far Infrared heating is even more efficient than gas central heating

Gas is burnt in a boiler where no more than 60 to 90% of the energy is converted into heat. Then the hot water is pumped through copper or plastic pipes, through walls, under floors, along skirting boards to large metal radiators, losing heat all the time.

The radiators heat the wall, which is often external, and what energy is left after this long process is transmitted to the air which rises up to the ceiling and goes round the room in a circular motion. The air which holds this heat escapes every time you open a door or window. That’s on top of the natural leaks in any house.

The figures

A 28-30Kw gas boiler would be needed for a 3-4 bed house. At 4.8p per Kwh, that’s £1.39 per hour. For 8 hours, that’s £11.14. Obviously, the boiler won’t be working at full blast all the time, so let’s call that £10 a day.

With infrared, about 8 or 9 panels would be needed for a 3-4 bed house, using about 3.5 kW of power. At 14.5p per kW, that’s 50.75p per hour. For 8 hours, that’s £4.06 a day.

So, even using the cheapest form of conventional energy, mains gas, the savings are in the region of 60%.

And that’s not including the extra costs with a central heating system, such as annual services and breakdowns. That can add a lot to the cost. Some people even pay monthly standing charges for a “service agreement” as they are anxious about the heating system breaking down.

And there's always the risk of leaks from a failed pipe joint. No less than 25% of all insurance claims are for water leaks. IR heating avoids this risk. It's brilliant for leaving as low-level heat whilst you are away too.

A saving of 60% means you’ve paid or your panels within the first year typically.

In short, central heating is a crude system based upon what the Romans used 2000 years ago!

Carbon crystal far infrared - the modern heating solutional far infrared

Infrared heating, on the other hand, converts electricity into heat with more than 98% efficiency. The heat goes directly from the panel to warm any object in the room, including your body. It doesn’t principally heat the air, so when you open the door there is less heat loss. The furniture and walls absorb the warmth and slowly release it, helping to build a comfortable even temperature.