Print your own panel

Can’t find the image you’re looking for in our picture gallery? Or want to use a personal picture of your own?

Then no problem! This unique service from Warm4less enables you to upload your own image, see what it looks like and order.

In order to get a good quality print, we need an image files size of at least 8Mb. Anything under this will be rejected.

Another important point to bear in mind is that this upload system will try and match the shape of your picture to the frame size you’ve chosen. Of course, a square image won’t look good stretched into an oblong frame!

Tip: If you don’t like how the image looks after it’s shaped for frame size, then choose a different frame size and try again. Alternatively, send the file to us at along with your preferred sized panel and we can carry out a PDF approval for you.

We also reccomend taking a look at our case study which shows a lot of different prints we've completed to give you an idea of the pictures our customers like and the finish on the product! Click Here to Have A Look!

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350 Watt Bespoke Print
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450 Watt Bespoke Print
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600 Watt Bespoke Print
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900 Watt Bespoke Print
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1200 Watt Bespoke Print
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