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The Beast From The East!


Combat The Beast From The East! Don't you find it frustrating having beautiful views outside of the wintery snowfall, but having to watch from a window because your conservatory is just too cold to sit in? At Warm4less we know conservatories can be expensive and so we want you to get the most out of them, especially in the winter time where you can relax in a nice warm conservatory and look at the beautiful views without having to lean over and look through a window. With sub-zero temperatures hitting the UK with the coldest winter since 2013 this is the perfect time to get your heating sorted, from the comfort of your own home. You need ...

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How Does Lot 20 Affect You?


As of 1st January 2018, there has been one of the most significant shakeups in EU legislation regarding electric space heaters. Electric space heaters now must be controlled by an internal or external controller to allow for more efficient energy costs, also known as Lot 20. The EU commission has noticed that over the past few years, the electrical space heater market has increasingly made up a high proportion of energy usage by households and businesses. The goal is to help further improve financial savings, reduce energy usage and to better product quality. The heaters that we offer will need to be controlled by a thermostat/timer device, t ...

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What’s the best way to control infrared heating?


After having worked out what size panels are needed, where they’re going to be mounted, and what style finish they’re going to have, there’s just one more thing… What’s the best way to control infrared heating? A Plug-in Controller: A great option if you’re simply mounting the panel on the wall, and plugging it into an existing socket. A plug-in timer or thermostat offer what they say ‘on the box.’ Whereas our dual time and temperature controller offers both features combined. The plug-in ‘Boost’ controller is a great addition for like a games room or study, which may not have ded ...

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Saving Space with Infrared Heating Panels


How frustrating is it to find your heating systems are taking up too much space? Infrared heating helps save space in the home by being mounted either half way up on the wall, on the ceiling or as a freestanding heater. This allows you to now fit furniture with far more freedom than what was available before. For example, in a bedroom, the bed can go in the best position to suit you, and you won't have to worry about a radiator consuming space. Our panels are a mere 2cm in thickness which means they hug the wall tightly, this is because there are no moving parts within the heater- simply a natural carbon crystal heating element. A freque ...

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Why is far infrared good for horses?


Over the past several years far infrared has been used more and more as a pain relief not only for humans but for horses too! Studies have shown that the deep heat that you get from infrared can help with circulation as the heat penetrates the skin and goes right down to the tissue and into the blood cells. Infrared is also considered to be a very soothing and calming type of heat for muscles and joints. Far infrared can reduce pain, stiffness, and fatigue to help with the overall condition and performance of your horse! You may think that because IR is a natural pain relief that there is no way it can be as effective as manmade drugs? Wrong. ...

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Far infrared for removing mould in the home


Mould in the home is a serious health risk. Spores form on walls and ceilings, typically in the corner of rooms where there is poor airflow, enter the air which people breathe. This can lead to chest infections and allergic reactions. And even worse medical conditions, to the extent of life-threatening illness. How to get rid of mould in the home? Just think about a summer’s day in your garden. Where would you put wet clothes to dry? In full sun, of course. Not in the shadows. Well, far infrared heating panels from Warm4less is like bringing the sun into your home. Far infrared rays from the panel flow across your room and dry the surfa ...

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What our customers say about us

Perfect Service. Perfect Product.

Saw their 2.4kW bar heater at Ecobuild. The looks of it are perfect even though it's used in a garage. Purchased on the spot and delivered to me two days later. Perfect service with no problems. Easy to install and very flexible to use with multiple... read more

Gavin Mackenzie

Top Class Customer Support

Really love our heating panels. We have a large one ceiling mounted above the treatment couch in our complimentary therapy clinic, and a smaller picture heater in the waiting area. All our clients love the heat generated, and it gives the clinic an e... read more

Beach Tree Clinic - Jean Senior

Brilliant and Well Beyond Expectations

Trying Warm4less Far IR Heating was the best decision I have made for ages. We are currently renting a property. Its heating system is over 50 years old and terrible. I also have an outside office building that I heat with a 3kw fan convector. I want... read more

Andrew (Dorset)

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