Frequently Asked Questions

Do infrared heaters use a lot of electricity?


In the short answer... no. Far infrared heaters are very low wattage compared to standard electric heaters. The reason why far infrared heaters are such low wattage is because there is no noise, no moving parts and no light. This means that all of the electricity that the heater is using, is to heat. Convection heaters have fans, coils and lots of other elements that move and make noise. This means they need to be higher powered to compensate for the moving parts. Convection heaters can be as little 40% efficient whereas our far infrared heaters are 98.9% efficient. So as well as being lower wattage, you also get more heat out of the heater.

What is far infrared heating?


Far infrared heat is exactly the same sort of heat that is emitted by the sun or even a wood burning stove. It is 100% safe and a very efficient form of heating that can be used in a variety of buildings and is less affected by draughts than more traditional heating systems.

A great example of infrared heating in action is standing outside on a winters day. The air temperature might be around 0c but if the sun is out, you will feel warmth. If a cloud passes over, then it feels cold again. This is because the infrared rays have been blocked.

Do your panels emit light?


Our panels emit far infrared heat radiation which produces no light. This means that more energy is focused on producing heat than unnecessary side effects. There are infrared bulbs and light heaters which fall under the mid-infrared category. This form of infrared heating is very different to far infrared and has been around for quite some time. However, it is not nearly as efficient and is prone to breaking down.

A customer of ours recently replaced their infrared light bulbs with our panels as they wanted a no maintenance system in place and didn't to keep replacing bulbs that had broken in their kennels.

Aren't electric heaters all the same?


There’s a huge difference between infrared heaters and ordinary heaters. Standard electric heaters heat the air which eventually reaches you. Most of the energy goes into heating the air, which can be easily lost through open doors and drafts. Warm4Less infrared panels, on the other hand, convert electricity to heat at 98%+ efficiency and the heat energy is only released on contact with you and other objects in the living space, such as furniture and walls. In fact, a study in Germany showed that it can take up to 3 times as much energy from gas central heating to heat a room than with infrared panel heaters! That's a huge difference in efficiency and cost.

Are far infrared panels safe?


This question should be turned around. Is conventional heating safe? When you consider the stuffy, dust circulating, skin drying air that heating by conventional radiator produces, they aren't good for your health. And because ordinary radiators are so expensive to run, many people go cold over winter and catch potentially dangerous illnesses like chest infections. Infrared panels are not just safe but actually good for you. It’s warmth as nature designed, namely the safe component of sunlight that transmits heat energy to us. Just imagine yourself lying down, resting in the sunshine, without harmful ultraviolet rays. That's what far infrared heating feels like. And at a price you can afford to keep warmth with. Each panel is equipped with five built-in security sensors for added protection.

I've heard of near, medium and far infrared. What's the difference?


Near Infrared, sometimes known as “heat lamps” or “quartz heaters”, operate between 780 nm to 1,400 nm and emit temperatures of 1300°C. They produce a lot of heat and deeply penetrate body tissue. Prolonged exposure isn’t recommended and they shouldn’t be used for general heating in the home. Medium Infrared infrared heaters operate between 1,400 nm and 3,000 nm and emit temperatures of 500 - 800°C. Such heaters reach the temperature quickly and are commonly used in manufacturing and food processing. They are also used in large public and commercial heating, typically on ceilings where they cannot be touched and they are far away from people. Far infrared heaters, as provided by Warm4less, operate in the wavelengths above 3,000 nm - the therapeutic part of the sun's spectrum. Surface temperatures are far lower at around 90°C, with no visible light. There is minimal penetration of human tissue, only to the outer epidermis, so avoiding the possible adverse health implications of prolonged use for near infrared

Do I need a specialist fitter for the radiant heating panels?


Not for most people who are reasonably capable with their hands. If you can hang a picture, you can most likely hang an infrared panel. Of course, if you want completely hidden wires you may decide to put the work onto a contractor, but it's not strictly necessary. And you can always just rest the panels in support feet on the floor. As they don't reach a high temperature, they are safer than ordinary electric fires.

Are your infrared panels guaranteed?


Yes. Warm4Less guarantee our panels for 3-5 years under normal usage conditions, over double the normal period for electrical items. Our panels are high quality, robust and have no moving parts. They are heat point tested at various places on the panel before release from the factory and rated at 100,000 hours which can be up to 50 years!

Are infrared panels very hot?


The panels only reach 90 degrees and short time contact won't burn you. However, it's best not to place your hands or other parts of the body on panels when they are on as it can be uncomfortable. They are much gentler than ordinary electric fires. That said, it is advisable and common sense to make sure the panels are securely fixed as you don’t want them falling facedown on potentially combustible material whilst on. Or if you stand them on the floor, make sure the feet are stable and robust. We offer feet in our Accessories section in Buy Now. But please note that we don't recommend using feet on panels larger than 600 x 1000. Safety label on front of the panel: Please don’t remove the label as it is required to warn of a hot surface. However, if you insist on doing so, it’s at your own risk. It’s worth noting that removing the label after the panel has been used for a while lessens the chance of damaging the picture surface.

Can the panels be used all the time?


The panels are rated for prolonged use, but we recommend a short break (min 10 minutes) every 12 hours. That will prolong their life. The best way to do this is to use a timer, so you don't have to remember to switch them off for a short while every day. This is more relevant to commercial users.

Whilst domestically this is rarely the case, the panels are meant to be used for shorter periods of time, for example, a few hours in the morning, a few hours in the afternoon and a couple of hours in the evening. If you do choose to use your panel for long periods of time, that is when it will need a break every 12 hours.

Can far infrared heaters help with my health?


Yes. infrared panels can help conditions such as asthma, by reducing dust circulation. And you are unlikely to get the dry eyes and chapped lips of conventional heating which tends to dry the air. Infrared heating can help sore muscles and stiff joints, and even hypertension, by helping to stimulate blood flow. The health benefits are not to be underestimated.

Can I have my own picture put on the panels?



Either give us a call and we'll take you through the steps, or upload your picture via the 'custom printing' link on the homepage.

Pictures need to be at least 3mb in size, to ensure a high quality print. In additon, if one's looking to print onto a slimline panel for example then ideally choose an image whch marries up with the profile. At Warm4less we're able to crop, edit and border the image to fit.

Once the image is printed, we will send you an image of the finished product. Here you have the opportunity to accept/reject the goods prior to delivery. Being a bespoke product, unless there is an electrical, mechanical or delivery issue the customer does not have the ability to return the goods as part of the normal 14-day money back guarantee policy.

Returns and refunds policy


On receiving your Warm4less product, if there is any fault please let us know and we will offer a no quibble replacement or refund. For full terms and conditions concerned returns and refunds, please view our Returns section.

Can the panels stand on the floor?


Yes. Just place in supportive feet, such as the ones we offer on this site. Please ensure that whatever stand you use to hold the panel upright, is sturdy and supportive. The surface of the panels is safer than ordinary radiant heaters, but even at 85 degrees on the Gold Framed range, there can still be a potential fire risk if their surface is pushed against a combustible material for a period of time and heat builds up.

Note: Our Platinum Range isn't comaptiable with the 'stand feet' which we offer.

Do I get a discount for quantity?


If you are thinking of buying in bulk, please contact us. If you wish to become a reseller or open a trade account, let us know and we can discuss preferential pricing with you. We hold a lot of stock and can ensure that products are dispatched to you directly (or third party dispatch) and quickly.

Are these infrared heating panels the same as quartz heaters?


No. Quartz heaters are cheaper for a reason. They typically use a tungsten wire which heats up, like an old style lightbulb, and emits heat and some light through a quartz crystal tube. Far infrared heating panels use use low watt carbon crystal technology that remains relatively cool, while still emitting far infrared radiation.

Do your panels have a European CE Safety Certificate?


Yes. All the panels we offer have been manufactured to CE standards. In fact, nearly all our panels are now built to German TUV standards, which is the highest standard of safety and good build quality.

I've seen much more expensive far infrared heating panels for sale. Is it because they are better quality?


Why some retailers of far infrared panels sell theirs for up to 3 times the price of Warm4less is a question only they can answer. What's important is good design and quality control, wherever the panel is made. And conformity with official German standards, known as TUV. Nearly all our panels are now built to this very high standard.

What is your privacy policy?


Privacy policy – we don’t store your credit card details. In fact, we have no access to them through our website shopping cart. When we do take credit or debit card details over the phone, the information is directly entered into the payment system and is not recorded or accessible by us. Names and contact details of our clients are never released to 3rd parties. Please see our Privacy Policy section for full terms and conditions.

Free Delivery Policy


Delivery Procedure:

Here at Warm4less, we offer fast and free delivery with our chosen delivery company to UK mainland (In most cases, next working day) within DHL standard delivery areas/regions.

Delivery charges may apply if you’re based outside of the UK, or are in a surcharge area (parts of Scotland and the Islands may be affected.)

Please contact us prior to any purchasing items if you’re unsure whether these charges may apply to you.

Delivery to surcharge areas or areas outside UK mainland may take longer than our normal delivery times.

We act on orders within 1 working day of receipt of the order and our last order time for dispatch is 2:30PM.

Our courier (DHL/TNT) ask for a signature upon delivery by the intended receiver.

The receiver must ONLY sign for the delivery if it appears to be in good condition. If there appears to be damage on the packaging, please sign for as unchecked.

In the event you have signed for the delivery and the item/s in question have been damaged and 24 hours have passed since receiving the delivery, we will be unable to process any returns claim made.

Fulfillment: If the item you ordered isn’t in stock, we will contact you at the earliest available opportunity. We will notify you of the next available estimated delivery date of your product/s. Hhowever, if you’re unable to or choose not to wait you are able to cancel your order with no penalties.

Bespoke or made to order items will take longer than our advertised Fast and Free policy.

The receiver agrees that proof of delivery provided by our chosen delivery company is sufficient evidence to prove that goods have been received.