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What is far infrared heating?

Far infrared heat is exactly the same sort of heat that is emitted by the sun or even a wood burning stove. It is 100% safe and a very efficient form of heating that can be used in a variety of buildings and is less affected by draughts than more traditional heating systems.

A great example of infrared heating in action is standing outside on a winters day. The air temperature might be around 0c but if the sun is out, you will feel warmth. If a cloud passes over, then it feels cold again. This is because the infrared rays have been blocked. 

Do your panels emit light?

Our panels emit far infrared heat radiation which produces no light. This means that more energy is focused on producing heat than unnecessary side effects.  There are infrared bulbs and light heaters which fall under the mid-infrared category. This form of infrared heating is very different to far infrared and has been around for quite some time. However, it is not nearly as efficient and is prone to breaking down.

A customer of ours recently replaced their infrared light bulbs with our panels as they wanted a no maintenance system in place and didn't to keep replacing bulbs that had broken in their kennels.

Aren't electric heaters all the same?

There’s a huge difference between infrared heaters and ordinary heaters. Standard electric heaters heat the air which eventually reaches you. Most of the energy goes into heating the air, which can be easily lost through open doors and drafts. Warm4Less infrared panels, on the other hand, convert electricity to heat at 98%+ efficiency and the heat energy is only released on contact with you and other objects in the living space, such as furniture and walls. In fact, a study in Germany showed that it can take up to 3 times as much energy from gas central heating to heat a room than with infrared panel heaters! That's a huge difference in efficiency and cost.

Are far infrared panels safe?

This question should be turned around. Is conventional heating safe? When you consider the stuffy, dust circulating, skin drying air that heating by conventional radiator produces, they aren't good for your health. And because ordinary radiators are so expensive to run, many people go cold over winter and catch potentially dangerous illnesses like chest infections. Infrared panels are not just safe but actually good for you. It’s warmth as nature designed, namely the safe component of sunlight that transmits heat energy to us. Just imagine yourself lying down, resting in the sunshine, without harmful ultraviolet rays. That's what far infrared heating feels like. And at a price you can afford to keep warmth with. Each panel is equipped with five built-in security sensors for added protection.

I've heard of near, medium and far infrared. What's the difference?

Near Infrared, sometimes known as “heat lamps” or “quartz heaters”, operate between 780 nm to 1,400 nm and emit temperatures of 1300°C. They produce a lot of heat and deeply penetrate body tissue. Prolonged exposure isn’t recommended and they shouldn’t be used for general heating in the home. Medium Infrared infrared heaters operate between 1,400 nm and 3,000 nm and emit temperatures of 500 - 800°C. Such heaters reach the temperature quickly and are commonly used in manufacturing and food processing. They are also used in large public and commercial heating, typically on ceilings where they cannot be touched and they are far away from people. Far infrared heaters, as provided by Warm4less, operate in the wavelengths above 3,000 nm - the therapeutic part of the sun's spectrum. Surface temperatures are far lower at around 90°C, with no visible light. There is minimal penetration of human tissue, only to the outer epidermis, so avoiding the possible adverse health implications of prolonged use for near infrared

Do I need a specialist fitter for the radiant heating panels?

Not for most people who are reasonably capable with their hands. If you can hang a picture, you can most likely hang an infrared panel. Of course, if you want completely hidden wires you may decide to put the work onto a contractor, but it's not strictly necessary. And you can always just rest the panels in support feet on the floor. As they don't reach a high temperature, they are safer than ordinary electric fires.

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