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Conversion From Gas Central Heating To Infrared


A gas central heating system may seem efficient and many people are conditioned to believe this traditional form of heating a home is the only way to go.
However, a closer analysis of a gas 'wet system'  shows many inefficiencies.

  • Cost and disruption of putting copper or plastic pipes throughout your home.
  • Loss of energy up the boiler flue. Loss of heat under floors and into walls.
  • Difficulty and cost of pushing a heavy medium like water around the property and the risk of leaks.
  • Loss of wall space with large metal radiators.
  • High maintenance bills.
  • Need for annual safety certificates if you rent.
  • The difficulty of targeting and controlling heat.
  • And safety concerns over fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Warm4less far infrared heating infrareds, on the other hand, have minimal impact on your property. They are discreet and at Warm4less prices cheaper to buy and install than a piped system. They are totally controllable - surgical in how they deliver heat. They create far less dust (so less house cleaning) and provide a more pleasant therapeutic warmth.
And crucially, they do what a heating system is meant to do. heat you. Not the air. Not the ceiling. No losing money every time you open a door as the heated air disperses.

This client saw past present convention to this modern way of heating and scrapped the gas system in her 4 bedroom house in Glasgow. The pictures below show the panels in the kitchen and breakfast area.

The 600 x 1000 white panel on the kitchen ceiling is ideally placed to warm anyone in the kitchen, The Buddha 600 x 600 picture is nicely placed midway up the wall to heat those sitting at the breakfast table.

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Gavin Mackenzie

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Really love our heating panels. We have a large one ceiling mounted above the treatment couch in our complimentary therapy clinic, and a smaller picture heater in the waiting area. All our clients love the heat generated, and it gives the clinic an e... read more

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Trying Warm4less Far IR Heating was the best decision I have made for ages. We are currently renting a property. Its heating system is over 50 years old and terrible. I also have an outside office building that I heat with a 3kw fan convector. I want... read more

Andrew (Dorset)

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