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How to Heat a Gym - Essex Fitness Camp


Billy Stanley is the founder of Billy Stanley Fitness and has established himself as a leading fitness, fat loss, and body transformation expert in Essex. Billy opened the camp in 2011 and has quickly become one of the most well known personal trainers and fitness experts in the area.

After having owned the gym for a number of years, he noticed that the bills for his heating were expensive, yet people were still cold in the converted industrial unit.

He contacted us after visiting a competitor's gym where our heating was installed in a similar style property and enquired looking for further information. 

After having sent over dimensions of the main areas he wanted heating in,  one of our trained staff worked out what would suit the area best. We originally quoted 5 X 2.4KW 'Alpha' bar heaters to be distribute the heat evenly throughout the gym area, and creating multiple controllable zones.

The heaters were mounted at 2.5-3m high and angled down at 45 degrees as you can see in the pictures below in the red circled areas.

One of the main reasons Warm4less has developed a well known reputation and a 5-Star rating on Trustpilot is that every member of staff undergoes regular training to make sure the right products are recommended for each application. Gym and Sports Clinic heating has become increasingly popular but every project is different and so it is important to gather as much information as possible to make sure we are not over investing or under estimating the amount of watts required.

Once the heating had been specified, the next step was to configure the right control system. We knew that the heaters were going to be mounted high onto the wall and plugged into existing plug sockets where the TV's where connected. On this basis, a simple plug-in controller is required to make sure the heat doesn't get too high during classes. 

Billy has access to a remote controller which, when pointed at the receiver which is plugged in, will increase/decrease the temperature accordingly. This way, when classes start off cold the temperature is high but as the lesson goes on and people are exercising, the temperature is easily reduced. 

It's important to remember the health benefits of infrared heating - which is where a lot of enquiries can originate from. Far-infrared gently stimulates the outer layer of the skin (just like the sun) therefore promoting blood circulation. This is a real key point for a sport or health conscious individual concerned about their wellbeing. 

As part of our aftercare service, we called in after the first month after installation to ask how the heating was working out for him . He said that the heaters were great and the controllers allowed the room to heat up nicely just before people were due to arrive, meaning little to no heat up time! The panels work well and the exercising customers love the type of heat they emit. 

If you have a hard to heat area, or maybe heating which isn't doing the job or is too costly to run, then please contact us for no-obligation friendly advice. Alternatively, you can call us on 01205 821 796. 

If you are interested in any of the services that Billy Stanley has to offer, please see below for his contact details:


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