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Zonal Cafe Heating


Brrrr....The Beast from the East certainly has made its mark this year!

Michael, proud owner of Cafe Culture in Kettering recently got in touch through our online enquiry form to ask about heating for his premises.

The complete glass front and high ceilings made heating a real problem and expense and when two different couples had complained and left because of the lack of effective heating it was time to make a change.

Currently, at the front of the building were 2 x 4.5KW air-exchange units (similar to walking into a supermarket) and the issue was the heat was constantly being lost through the double-entrance doors. Also, 9KW of electric heating is expensive to run if the heat is lost and not controlled. 

After an inital call, one of our team worked out drawings and sent back our recommendations the same day.  

We gave Michael a few options such as a ‘welcome’ bar heater for the front entrance or panel heaters over or next to specific areas for more zonal heating.

The cafe was an odd layout with two front seating areas, followed by two narrow corridors into two more larger seating areas, with another two corridors leading to the ladies/gents and the kitchen respectively. 

Because of the awkard layout we super-imposed our heaters onto photos that we received to show the optimum positioning of the heaters. As the cafe wasn't always 100% occupied, we recommended splitting the cafe into 'zones' 1, 2 ,3 and so on. This way if only the two front areas were occupied then it means only these two areas need the immediate benefit of infrared heating, helping improve savings. 

To start with Michael purchased two of our 2.4KW Alpha Bar Heaters to try out in the main restaurant area. This way the client can gauge the effectiveness of far-infrared without having to commit to a whole system. He was really impressed with how they performed and got in touch with us to let us know how well they were working. Now that the main area was done it was time to move onto the smaller areas.

Michael purchased another 1.8kw Alpha Bar Heater to go into a smaller area of his café with the seating booths which required less heat. Again he was really impressed with the heat output.

Lastly, two Large 960 Watt Picture panels were mounted at the far-end of the cafe as the wattage requirement was less, but was a good opportunity to double up with artwork. 

He only had one problem – he needed some aspect of control for the heaters. Michael explained to us that because the old system didn't heat up quickly or retained any heat he was obliged to keep it on 11AM-7PM without switching it off. Because he was so used to having his heating on all the time initially he thought it would be the same with the infrared heaters but just less expensive to run. He soon came to realise how warm it was getting in the café after one person moved tables with their food as it was too warm so he came to the conclusion that he needed a controller to maintain the temperature of the areas during specific hours.

We recommended two of our RF plug in controllers which are controlled via a remote controller which is perfect for this area and the temperature can be increased or decreased whenever necessary from the bar area. It also saves having to come in early to turn heating on, or worry if they've been turned off for the night. 

In conclusion, the cafe now has a heating system which cost less to run, visually is less intrusive and makes no noise and customers are more satisfied when visiting due to the comfortable back ground temperature. 

If you want to benefit from heating like Michael, or maybe an area which is hard to heat or is expensive to run, please contact us or call on 01205 821 796 for friendly advice with no obligation. 


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