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Picture Panels Throughout 4 Bed, North Facing Detached Property


Here at Warm4less we pride ourselves in the range of pictures we offer. We offer a versatile selection which can be used in any type of setting for any type of client.

Recently we had Mr and Mrs. Martin coming into our offices in Lincolnshire in real need of heating their north facing, four bedroom property currently using oil.

In the space of a year they explained their oil tarriff had jumped from 43p per litre to 53p per litre, and the uncertainty of what it will rise to next meant it was time to look for a more reliable system. 

After discussing initial room dimensions and what the real issues were when trying to heat the house, they booked a survey for the following week and one of our surveyors had the opportunity to recommend what was required and where position and control the heating. 

The oil heating wasn't heating all of the rooms to an adequate temperature, and took its time to really reach a comfortable level between November to February. 

Picture panels was the agreed choice to double as artwork, but also to keep the heating off floor level meaning beds and furniture could easily be positioned/moved around. 

In order to stagger the works, the groundfloor was heated first with the Paris Fireworks in the dining room, the Meadow Flowers in the conservatory, a small 320 Watt white panel in the utility room, the Rocks on the Beach and Waterfall in the Living Room and finally the Sun Birds in the entrance/lobby area.

By staggering the works it allowed the homeowners to gauge the infrared heating first hand before committing to the upstairs and make adjustments where needed.

After one week, the upstairs received the Colourstudy by Kandinsky in the 1st Bedroom, the Palm Tree in the 2nd Bedroom and the Almond Blossom in the master bedroom. 

The large bathroom features a 450 Watt Mirror Panel with the additional towel rail attachment. A sensible choice as the existing mirror was smaller in size and steamed up heavily whenever a hot shower or bath were taken. 

Lastly, in the landing area was a 700 W vertical mirror panel mounted. A nice choice given its location yet fitted snugly on the wall between the bathroom and master bedroom which measured 63cm wide and the panel is 60cm wide. 

The panels were mounted on the wall near enough in the positions where they will be wired in by our installers come the fitting date along with the 'White Sapphire' programmable room thermostats (ten in total.) This gives each room individual controllability, where zonal control will make the house more cost-effective to run but also improve the thermal comfort in the property.

Upon revisitng the property, the biggest improvements where the living room, 2nd and 3rd bedrooms which had been bearing the brunt of the north facing winds. Previously these rooms were close to frozen but now when the panels have been switched on for around 15 minutes, the chill is removed quickly by the panels.

Not one room in the property contains a heater over 1KW (1000 Watts) which for electric heating is highly unusual. It means that less energy is required in order to sufficiently heat spaces that otherwise would've featured traditional 1, 1.5, 2KW electric wall panel heaters.

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