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'Castle House' - The All New 'Green' Newark and Sherwood Council Offices

The Council's former headquarters Kelham Hall was sold in November 2014 and moved to new offices in  September 2017.

The move was made to help save money and ensure that services the council delivers can be protected. It will also help to improve access to public services where people need to speak to the council or other service providers.

Stretching back to July 2010 the council considered a number of major changes it could make in order to save money in the face of big public spending reductions which followed on from the economic recession.

The ideas for saving money included the possibility of reducing accommodation costs. In 2011 the council started to make changes to the way it uses Kelham Hall and began a market-testing to see whether Kelham Hall could be sold.

In 2013, the council considered an analysis of current running costs of Kelham Hall for sale and to move to new offices. The budgeted running costs for Kelham Hall were just under £640,000 in 2014/15.

The cost of running a new energy-efficient office was originally estimated at £205,000 and more recent estimates suggest that at least £420,000 a year could be saved. So there is a considerable annual cost saving available if the council were to sell Kelham Hall and move into a new office.

The building is a piled, steel framed construction of three storeys in height, and has a Gross Internal Floor Area (GIFA) of 3674 m2.

In order to be environmentally friendly and promote sustainability, the new 'Castle House' features a huge amount of glass to allow for natural light to save on lighting costs. To the back of the building all LED lighting was installed.

Heating a building this 'open' with this level of glass is no easy feat. Heat naturally rises and with clear line of sight from bottom reception area to all 3 floors above heating individual spaces would normally prove expensive and take a lot of time.

Infrared heating however directs radiant heat downwards over key areas and warm the room and its occupants naturally, just like the sun. Because of this naturally warming effect, lesser wattage is required than ordinary convection heat. 

If you look closely, situated between the faux white cassette panels are suspended ceiling panels (600 W x 109 units) in order to blend in discreetly and target specific zones.

In the bathrooms are suspended ceiling grid tile panels as there was no available wall space, and stays in line with the office's contemporary looks. 

Each zone benefits from 1 X programmable room thermostat meaning depending on different work shifts, and which areas are in and out of use. 

Castle House has already won a number of Eco-Awards recognising it's investment into green renewable energy and promoting innovative ways of creating sustainable commercial and domestic environments. 


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