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Horse Warming Heaters a Great Asset to Stables


Our client, Lara, has a horse stabling business on her farm, with 40 stables in total.

One big problem Lara encounters is how to dry horses after their twice-daily excursion outside.  With the British weather, particularly in winter, that means many horses were returning to their stables wet.

Being cold and wet isn’t good for the horses and can create damp conditions in the hay for mould spores to develop.

To try and deal with this problem, Lara had used old-style red light halogen heating. But she complained that the bulbs often broke and they were costly to run. The bright light which they emitted was glaring and gave a headache when glanced at too many times. 

The solution – infrared heating bars from Warm4less.

 A pair of bar heaters placed inside a stable allocated as the “drying room” for horses. Before going back into their own stables, a horse could spend a short time warming themselves between the heaters. Our bar heaters proved highly effective in naturally warming the horses, who seem to appreciate that this heat mimics the natural sun in warming and relaxing them deeply. All in all, a drier and happier horse.

This drying room with infrared heating is now a very desirable feature of the stables. Those renting stables know that they can access this therapeutic treatment, which gets their horse back into a warm and dry condition quickly after being outdoors.

From the highly positive reactions we’ve seen from those who have installed these heaters for this purpose, we’re confident that in future facilities these will become standard in good quality stables. In fact, stables that don’t have infrared horse drying facilities are likely to be at a disadvantage with a rental appeal.

And that’s not mentioning the potential huge advantage for racing and show horses.

Installation is simple. The heaters are fixed high up on either side, angled down towards the flanks of the horse. The units can be simply plugged into a socket, or much better hardwired into a temperature and time control so after securing the horse, the timer enables the heaters to run between Monday to Sunday for the required periods and let the heaters do their job. The horses will love it and you will too, as it means a much easier way of getting your horse dry.

A background temperature can also be set too called 'frost protection', this means that if the temperature in the stable goes too low during night time, the heating comes on to take the chill off and keep the horse comfortable. 

Our horse drying kit operates at a lower temperature than old-fashioned halogens or hotwire heaters. This is a very important safety factor as, stating the obvious, stables tend to be full of highly inflammable hay.

Our infrared bar heaters are also very robust and rated for up to 100,000 hours life. That can be over 25 years with daily usage. Compare that to the constant breakdown of halogen lights. There are also no moving parts to present potential maintenance issues.

With a surprisingly low initial purchase price, the reward on investment with a horse drying infrared kit is likely to far outweigh the cost.

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