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Home Office Heating Solution


With more people working from home nowadays, having adequate heating is becoming more important. Sitting at a computer for hours on end without adequate heating isn’t a pleasant experience. Far infrared heating from Warm4less is the solution.

This client is self-employed and works in a mezzanine area of his home. The open plan design makes it very difficult to trap heat. Using an old-fashioned air heating electric radiator wouldn’t be efficient. It would take hours to warm the whole space and great cost.

The client shows a single large 1200 W panel fixed to the ceiling. This dispersed powerful heat over the area where he works. No need to have the whole property warmed. His experience is best described in his own words as he wrote to us: 

Hi George,

I only managed to get round to putting up the 1200w this weekend as I needed to obtain the correct 'expanding' plugs, screws and a drill! The panel works really well and does exactly what we needed, it's just enough to keep us comfortable on evenings /weekends. The 350w is on right now, and is a nice gentle heat while I work. Many thanks for all your excellent advice and prompt delivery. If I decide I need another panel for upstairs or the bathroom I know where to come!

Best regards,

The infrared heating panel is controlled by one of our highly versatile time and temperature controllers.

Far infrared heats the person and other objects. Not wasted heating the air which rises up to the ceiling and escapes with draughts and open doors. Those who use far infrared heating for offices wouldn’t have anything else. We certainly wouldn’t! At the office and at home, all those at use only infrared heating. We consider it one of the perks of being involved in this business!

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Andrew (Dorset)

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