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Better and Cheaper Heating In a Village Hall - Hutton Roof


Old village halls are notorious for being draughty and cold. There is typically a large open space with high ceilings, old windows, and leaky doors. Such places are expensive to heat, but if not heated properly can be hard to rent out, so undermining their financial viability. Which is a shame as village halls are an essential part of rural community life.

This village hall in Hutton Roof in south Cumbria is in an attractive rural location with impressive views of the nearby Dales and sits about a hundred people. The old heating system they had consisted of suspended halogen lamps, the type that wastes electricity on light and has an old inefficient conversion to heating (compared to warm4less infrared panels which are over 98%). These sucked up electricity to a total of 21 kW - not cheap to run. And as they primarily heated the air, they had to be switched on well before an event – another expense.

Fortunately for this hall, its committee is far-sighted and have followed a plan to modernize that would lower electricity costs and increase visitor comfort. Following installation of solar panels, the inefficient heating was to be upgraded.

George at Warm4less assisted the village hall committee to determine the best heating solution. This was a number of large 900 W frameless premium far infrared heating panels. These really are the best heaters on the UK if not world market. Extra insulation to the rear minimises heat loss upwards towards the ceiling, making sure that heat is directed downwards where it’s needed. And the frameless smooth edged design is stylish and doesn’t look out of place.

The panels were delivered by Warm4less on the morning the electrician started work, so avoiding any risk of leaving them around before work started. They were suspended from the ceiling into rows, giving a good field of warmth over the part of the hall where people would sit. The whole system was controlled by our controllers offering very precise and efficient control of heating. Not surprisingly, running costs have plummeted to at least half previous costs and just as importantly, the comfort level of people in the hall has risen.

A Warm4less infrared heating mirror was installed in the WC to add warmth there.

Here’s the new entry in the hall’s website:

Hutton Roof village hall can now be proud to offer a superbly heated social venue that offers highly ecological and economic heating. Visitors can now leave their heavy coats at home!

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