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Hot Yoga Studio in Cold Period Building


November 2016 - There’s a popular trend nowadays for hot yoga studios. It’s much more appealing for customers to do a static exercise like yoga in a warm environment rather than a cold one. And often yoga classes were done in very chilly environments like village halls. These can be a challenge to heat.

Another very important consideration for heating yoga classes is health and comfort. After all, to improve health and well-being is the primary reason why people do yoga. Far infrared heating has the great advantage of being a therapeutic form of heat.

Far infrared heating mimics the sun’s natural warmth. It does not create stuffy dry conditions that air heaters do. It only heats the object, not the air. Given time, the air will warm as heat is transmitted from the warmed objects, but infrared heating quickly heats people and not the air. This means you don’t have to switch it on hours before to get a warm environment. That’s a big cost saving for owners of hot yoga studios, whether the temperature has to be high, up to 40°.

The founders of Jala flow yoga, Tom and Louise, recognized the advantages of far infrared heating, particularly as the older period building where their yoga studio is situated in Sidmouth, Devon, has high ceilings and single glazed windows.

There are cheap versions of the infrared bar heaters that Warm4less provide, but they don’t come with a five-year warranty and built to exacting German standards. And we were able to provide in-depth analysis and support to provide the optimum solution to the heating requirements of this yoga studio.

The Warm4less bar heater on the wall to left is controlled by a handset, with 4 increments of power.

Tom and Louise also wanted quality heaters that would last for many years. One is which they could take with them if they moved a location of their yoga studio.

By the way, it’s worth noting that some people use our bar heaters on mobile stands, like the ones used for heavy disco speakers. This means that powerful heating can be kept in the boot of a car and quickly assembled in a location anywhere. Contact us if you require this mode of transportable heating.

At the end of the day, most people aren’t expert in infrared heating and quite understandably need assistance and good advice to make sure they have the best and most cost-efficient solution.

The four bar heaters that Tom and Louise bought are miles better than the old storage radiators that they suffered with before. Now they can come in the morning and switch on the Warm4less bar heaters knowing that the yoga studio will quickly be heated.

And most importantly, the clients of this yoga studio have a healthier and more relaxing environment to exercise in. Heated in a way that nature intended, as the sun’s far infrared. And more economically.

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