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Infrared Heating Puts a Spring in The Step of Rare Tortoises!


There’s nothing we love more than dealing with animals here at Warm4less. Our office cat Neville is probably an indicator of that! We’ve also got a rescue American Bulldog, but his visits to the warehouse mustn’t coincide with the cat's, otherwise…one less W4L pet!

Last year, a good client of ours, Craig, built a large outhouse purely to house a number of red-footed tortoises, native to the Brazilian rainforest. As you can see from the pictures, it’s an impressive enclosure that wouldn’t look out of place in large zoo/wildlife park.

These tortoises are very delicate animals who need optimum living conditions in order to survive and reproduce. Therefore a heating system which can be controlled precisely yet gives off nice natural warmth was required.

Infrared is exactly what the sun gives out, so a year on from them being installed it was great to hear from Craig that the tortoises were loving their new enclosure and had even had tortoises babies!

Craig opted for 4 x small 350 Watt panels, on the ceiling evenly spread out. Compared to the large size of the enclosure, this is minimal power, yet the warming is highly effective. There’s no other form of heating that would have suited as well. And what is good for tortoises is certainly good for humans!

November 2016



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