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Warm4less Infrared Heating Slashes Huge Electrical Bill For Major Retailer


Packing department of major retailer goes infrared

This well known national company faced a real problem with heating their 5 stories Victorian former mill, which they used as a packing plant. Vast open spaces, high ceilings, uninsulated walls and huge areas of window glass (single pane) added up to just about the biggest challenge in interior heating imaginable.

Workers stood for eight hours a day, packing and complained about feeling very cold. The 2 kW fan heaters dotted about just didn't provide effective warmth.

Cold workers are unhappy workers and management sought a solution. Warm4less listened to their challenges and provided detailed advice on number and type of heating panels needed and best position.

The panels we supplied, pictured above, have transformed working conditions for people in the packaging department. The positioning of the panels is brilliant, with them suspended at optimum height and angled at the work area. The heat energy is being used to the maximum efficiency with this arrangement.

The Warm4less Classic 600 x 1000 white panels have rear aluminum backing with insulation to ensure optimum projection of infrared heat forward, which we regularly check with a thermal scanner. We also do impact testing and even after repeated concussive knocks our panels still work. The standard we build to is the best in the world - German TUV. We prefer TUV SUD as it offers the perfect combination of power and safety in construction standards.

In our regular testing of other panels on the market we often find underpowered panels or panels that lose too much heat out the back. Or poor construction standards, that aren't suited to commercial usage. We don't hesitate to offer a 5-year warranty on ours, and the carbon crystal heating element which is resin bonded is rated for 100,000 hours life - that's up to 40 years!

The Warm4less panels installed in this large packaging department not only have they made people's daily lives more pleasant, they will save the company a large amount of money.

When analyzing the company's electrical bill, we calculated a saving of about £102,000 a year for this one building! A huge amount by any standards.

Now with a programme of installing Warm4less far infrared heating panels, that bill is falling. We calculated that the electrical savings will repay at least 20 panels a week!  Payback time for the investment is remarkably short at about a year, as the client moved from one of the most expensive forms of heat - fan heating, to the most economical - carbon crystal far infrared.

Big money savings. Happier workers. No maintenance. A win-win situation for this company, helping make them more competitive.
If you have a large commercial space that needs heating affordably, then allow us to offer our advice. We don't just make and sell infrared panels. We try to fully understand the detail of your commercial requirements, analyzing plans and visiting if need be to help you decide on the best solution.

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