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Switch From Red Infrared Light Bulbs To Far Infrared


Dog hotels and kennels

Warm4less have provided far infrared heating panels to a number of kennels. The way in which far infrared warms people and animals is particularly efficient in kennels.

More kennels are clearly becoming aware that those kennels using far infrared panels have a cost advantage and can provide warmer conditions. Animals just love far infrared. Turn a panel on and it will attract your dog or cat like a magnet. To them (and us) it feels like a warm summer day. 

Far infrared releases heat energy on contact with the dog or cat and aren't wasted heating the air in the kennel, which typically isn't insulated to house standards. Our far infrared panels convert electricity into far infrared at 98% efficiency.

A recent kennel supply involved providing 16 warm4less 600 x 600 white infrared panels rated at 320 watts - to a block of 16 kennels which needed an upgrade from the red infrared light bulbs currently used.

Cost of running the whole block is £1.05 an hour. If there is a night tariff, this will be less. Electricity use can also be reduced with thermostat/timer control. Cost of running the panels will be similar to the bulbs, BUT there will be far more heat energy to warm the dogs. A large percentage of the bulb electricity is wasted on light (which can now be provided very economically with LED lighting). And the bulbs are not far infrared, but mid-infrared. This is higher temperature and not so efficient at transmitting heat as far infrared.

And last and not least, (mid) infrared light bulbs last only about 1500 hours. Our far infrared panels last up to 100,000 hours. That's 66 times longer!  

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