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Warm4less Controller Range

Warm4less Controller Range

Back last year we wrote a news article about all the controllers that we offer. Our controller range is one of the best in the infrared market and it is forever expanding. Since our last article on controllers, we’ve added a lot of ranges which all have different functions and different purposes. Below is a break down of each controller and how they work.

Plug in controllers –

As before we still have our three staple plug-in controllers. These are the easiest and simplest of all the controllers we offer. Simply plug your panel into the controller, enter your settings and you are all set! The three options are plug-in timer, plug in thermostat and the dual time and temperature controller.

The other option for a plug- in is our boost controller. Simple click a button to turn the temperature on for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 120 minutes.

Lastly, a very popular option for plug- in controllers is the wireless one-click. This splits the controller into two parts, the controller itself and a receiver. The receiver plugs into the wall with the panel plugged into it, then that wirelessly connects to the control panel which is fully wireless and portable. Great for plugs which are hard to access or for the comfort of controlling your heating from your bed or sofa.

Fully hardwired –

The most common option for controls is fully hardwired. Great for when properties are being renovated or if there are works going on in the property. This option will need to be fitted by a qualified electrician, but it ensures that all the cables are neatly concealed in the wall. The black onyx and white sapphire are our most popular controllers to date. Both the controllers work exactly the same way, the aesthetics just look a lot different. Both offer full time and temperature control as well as a few additional extras.

Another option for hardwired is the boost pads. Working the same way as the plug- in boost controller but hardwired, again great for concealing cables. With options of with and without fused spurs and time periods of ¼ - 2 hours and 1 – 4 hours. Lastly you have the smart circle controller which again is fully hardwired but features an app that you can control your heating from.

Wireless –

Wireless controllers are great options. Having wireless controllers saves on having to run cabling throughout a property which can be disruptive. If you want your controller at the opposite end of the room to your heater, this is perfect. The first controller in the wireless range is our Easi temperature controller. Simply hardwire in the receiver to the panel then wirelessly connect it to the controller which is fully portable. The second option is the Xenon controller which works exactly the same as the Easi but is more advanced, modern looking and has the option for app control. The controller itself needs to be hardwired into the mains. Again, our diamond controller also offers the wireless feature as well as app control.

The multi-click controller is a wireless controller which allows multiple receivers to be connected to your controller. This is perfect for large rooms with multiple panels as it means you don’t have to link everything together via cabling as it is connected wirelessly.

For our Neo range, this is our most advanced system on offer. All of the Neo range works in conjunction with each other and has the most features out of all of the controllers. You have options of fully hardwired (NeoStat E), wireless (NeoAir) and plug i-n (Neoplug). The heaters in your home can be connected to any Neo controller and be controlled via an app on your phone. Some rooms may need a hardwired controller, some may need to be fully hardwired and some just plugged in. Any controller in your home that is connected to a Neo controller will be able to wirelessly connect to the Neohub. This will then allow you access to an app on your phone. You can also add in the Touchpad controller which acts as a central hub for your home.

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