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Warm4less - Custom print

Warm4less - Custom print

What does ‘Custom Print’ mean?

'Custom Print' means we print a bespoke image, design or photo onto an infrared panel, fully disguising it as artwork.

From our website you may have seen already that we offer a selection of different infrared panels, including white panels, picture panels, glass panels and mirror panels.

However if there isn't an image from our pre-printed, readily available picture panels that grabs your interest, or you would like your own image then Custom Printing is for you.

The possibilities are endless...We have printed:

  • Family photos,
  • Pet portraits,
  • Landscape pictures of local areas or favourite destinations,
  • Abstract images,
  • Company logos and catchphrases,
  • Even endangered whale images, zoo pictures and grazing sheep onto our panels! The property you own is unique to you, so why shouldn’t your heating be as well?

Radiators are notoriously big, bulky and take up space. The ability now to hide the heater as a piece of artwork or a natural landscape is entirely unique and here below we've explained everything there is to know about the process.

How does the printing process work?

Printing onto an infrared panel, or any radiator isn't a straightforward process.

3 years ago we began initially with an 'ink print' using special inks to print images directly onto the fronting of the panel, which took around 2 weeks to complete and 'cure' (fully set). This involved one layer of printing and a gloss finish.

But we wanted to be able to offer more complex prints, a wider variety of different finishes, a longer lifespan and richer density print.

We are now the the only ompany using a printing technique called 'GradiBonding' where we print using a four layer approach which provides a denser finish and richer colour. The result is a quicker curing time (1 week) as we're using the latest inks which set sooner and we can now offer 'Matte' and 'Gloss' finishes depending on the customer's personal preference.

How do I choose the panel and picture I want? And how do I know if my picture's right for a panel?

To see what panel size you need, and how your print would look on a panel there are two ways which are below:

  1. Use our online calculator to work out how many 'Watts' you need for your room.
  2. Next, use our 'Custom Print' section to choose if you prefer a framed or frameless finish with the correct wattage
  3. Upload your image or select one from the gallery
  4. That's it!


  1. Email your image and room sizes to - we can reply with a PDF mockup of how the image would look on the right sized panel for you for free. (We accept all file types of pictures)
  2. If you're concerned the image file is too big to send, please use for free transferring of large files

If you have any problems at all please feel free to call us on 01205 821 796 and we are happy to help explain the process to you.

But what if I don't have any pictures that I want to use?

If you don’t already have a picture in mind we recommend using a website called Dreamstime. This site holds millions of images that you can choose from, all high printing quality as well. Of course the higher the quality the better the print!

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