The 'PureHome' Air Purifier 85W

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Large room Purifier

Clean air is essential to good health and with the average person breathing around 11,000 litres of air per day it is vital to keep air quality high. The PureHome air purifier has been designed to cleanse interior spaces of bacteria, viruses, ultra-fine harmful particles, dangerous gases, dust and allergens from the air you breathe. This provides you and those around you with a fresher, safer and healthier environment.

So many features packed into this compact unit

* 6 stage filtration!
* Double filters: Pre and HEPA level 13
* Built in UV-C light to kill viruses
* Pollution sensor (PM 2.5) and light warning
* 4-speed fan, with super quiet sleep mode
* Timer
* Display showing real time air quality
* Ioniser to neutralise pollutants

The digital smart display allows you to check the quality of your indoor air at a glance. Air passing through the PureHome unit is continuously analysed by a particle laser and chemical pollutant sensor with results displayed on the LED screen.

A traffic light system will indicate overall air quality and provide immediate warning in the event that pollutants and particles have spiked. The LED light that runs along the top of the unit will change colour in the event of air quality change.

BLUE – safe and acceptable level of particles within the air
AMBER – there has been an increase in unwanted pollutants and particles in the air and the cause of this should be investigated immediately. It is recommended to increase the fan speed.
RED – Air quality is considered unsafe and immediate action required.

The unit has aluminium pre-filter and a medical-grade HEPA 13 main filter. Not much gets through that! In addition, there is a UV lamp to zap anything really minute, like viruses.

Performance Specifications:

* Room size: Up to 70m2
* CADR* Particles: 350 m3/hr
* Formaldehyde CADR: 68 m3/h
* Ultra-fine particle removal: 0.3 microns
* UV Wavelength: 254 nm
* UV Lifespan: 8000 hours
* Adjustable fan speed
* Sleep mode with full purification
* 3 Fan Speed Settngs + AUTO
* Filter Replacement Indicator
* On/Off Timer
* HEPA-13 Filter lifespan: 6 months**
* Filters out H1N1 virus: 99.8% efficiency

**It is recommended to change your PureHome HEPA-13 filter every 6 months to ensure that the unit run at maximum efficiency of the unit. New filters can ordered from us individually or on a subscription basis. (Click Here To Veiw Replacement Filters).

Technical Specifications

* Power consumption: 85w
* Cable length: 1.9m
* Voltage: 220V/110V
* Dimensions of product: 42.5cm x 22 cm x 63 cm
* Product weight:
* Sound power: 33-66 dba
* Made in: China