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Take control of your heating
White infrared panels

Take control of your heating

The Eco with inbuilt controller offers fully programmable heating. Economise your heating to suit you.

The range will:

  • Offer a responsive heat up time
  • Be easy to program
  • Provide a clean and healthy heat
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Space saving technology at an affordable price
Premium infrared panels

Space saving technology at an affordable price

The Platinum range offers a compact heating solution, now available with Smart Wi-Fi control

This range will:

  • Control your heating, from any location
  • Provide your preferred level of thermal comfort, when you want it
  • Blend in seamlessly with surfaces
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What is Infrared Heating?

Infrared is a form of radiant heat, comparable to the type of heat you get from the sun. Rather than heating the air, infrared instead warms any object it collides with, including people.
In the short answer, yes! There are many different reasons for far infrared being cheaper to run from the controllability, the type of heat they emit, maintenance and general build of the panels. One main reason for cheaper running costs is the lower wattage of the panels.98.5% of the electricity that the panels use go into heating up the element on the inside which then emits the far infrared heating. This means that you get almost 100% heat output for the electric you use.
Far infrared is a form of radiant heat. Radiant heating basically means that rather than taking in the cold air, warming it up and distributing it around the room – you are heating the actual structure of the room, the objects in it and the people The panels consume electricity and convert this straight into heating up the element on the inside (carbon crystal) which then emits Far Infrared Heat (FIR).
Most of the electric heaters that you will see online are convection heaters known as storage heaters or mid infrared glowing heaters. Convection heating works by warming up the cold air in the room and distributing this back out into the space. This means that the heater works hard to warm the air up, especially on cold days and the heat is then really easily lost through open windows and doors. Therefore, these heaters average around 2KW – 3KW which we would replace with around 900w worth of far infrared heating. The other electric heaters that you may come across are mid-infrared heaters. These are on the infrared spectrum but work on the visible end. This means that they produce a red glowing light and operate at around 1000°C. Compared to the two above forms of heating, far infrared is cheaper to run, more aesthetically pleasing, more efficient and last much longer.
Far infrared stays in a property very well. After a small amount of time of the infrared being exposed to a room, the initial heat up period will get less and less. After a week or so the heaters are more used for a top up of heat on top of the warmth already in the room. The infrared stays in the foundations of the property unlike convection heat which escapes very easily, and each time is being heated up from scratch. This means that when using convection, it can take up to an hour to heat up, whereas the infrared can heat rooms up as quickly as 5 minutes.
Far infrared is one of the most economical forms of heating on the market today. The conversion rate of electricity to heat is 98.5% so for every unit of electricity you use you get almost all of that back into heating. Most other forms of heating operate at around 50% efficiency, with some convection heaters like storage heaters being as low as 30%. This is because of the way the heater works, taking in air, warming it up and blowing it back out. It takes a lot of energy to do this.